These are the chaffs. Some are more noticeable than others.

Beginning this year, customers should look out for this mark on their favorite coffee brands. It signified that the coffee is “center cut”

Innovative center cut process reduces bitterness and offers a purer, smoother coffee

ATLANTA , UNITED STATES, January 31, 2024 / — Crematics Lab today announced it is introducing a “center cut process” that removes chaffs from coffee beans for commercial coffee roasters and restaurants. Chaffs are the thin, flaky, dry skin of the coffee bean. They can affect the flavor of the coffee, potentially making it more bitter or even sour. Chaffs often leave an unpleasant bitter taste in brewed coffee as well as inconsistent batches. Chaffless coffee reduces bitterness and offers a purer, smoother coffee.

Crematics Lab is dedicated to a perfect cup of coffee. For commercial customers, Crematics Lab has advanced its capabilities to efficiently remove chaffs from up to thousands of pounds of coffee beans daily. This significant scale-up in processing capacity opens new avenues for large-scale coffee roasters to produce chaffless versions of their existing bean varieties. This development represents a pivotal change in the coffee industry, offering a unique opportunity for mass production. Reducing chaff in freshly roasted coffee beans significantly enhances the taste and aroma, resulting in a cleaner tasting, perfect cup of coffee.

“To bring out the smoothest flavor from freshly roasted coffee beans, our innovative method of chaff removal not only preserves the beans’ original freshness but also enhances the flavor profile,” said a spokesperson for Crematics Lab. “We know how important and personal a great cup of coffee should taste. Our process of taking out the chaff will enhance the aroma and taste of each cup you brew or each shot of espresso you pull.”

The spokesperson added, “Coffee drinkers love a smoother and less bitter-tasting coffee. The clean, pure taste was noticeably apparent during dozens of tasting tests with both skilled baristas and coffee ‘snob’ enthusiasts.”

Crematics Lab had been approached by leading North American and Korean F&B brands, including Tim Horton’s and Ediya Coffee. These #1 market share companies are especially interested in partnering with Crematics Lab to turn their current coffee bean line-up to “chaffless” versions – thus offering a new product line for their customers can choose from – setting themselves apart from stiff competitions.

Crematics Lab is ramping up its 2024 operations in anticipation of partnerships with mid to large U.S. coffee roasters and North American restaurant brands.

Coffee lovers should look for the “Center Cut Coffee” seal in local grocery store starting this summer.

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