Global Crisis. Our Survival is in Unity | International Online Forum November 12, 2022

Report “The Future of Humanity”

What Future Awaits Us? The Truth Will Be Revealed on November 12, 2022

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On November 12th, a historic event will take place at 10 am EST entitled “Global Crisis. Our Survival Is In Unity.” it will unite the world in one common cause.

World organizations, foundations, and political parties designed to help humanity are no closer to solving global problems. They spend trillions of dollars each year, but the situation continues.”
— Creative Society

ATLANTA, GA, USA, November 8, 2022 / — On November 12th, a historic event will take place at 10am EST entitled “Global Crisis. Our Survival Is In Unity.” – it will unite the world in one common cause. The online translation will take place LIVE on the website as well as on all social media platforms.

It is without a doubt the largest event in the world. This is the first and only event with simultaneous interpretation in 150 languages. On the independent platform of the Creative Society Project, volunteers from 180 countries have joined forces to organize it.

Volunteers at Creative Society make possible what is impossible for the world’s largest organizations. A group of volunteers from over 180 countries is organizing the 8th Global Climate Forum with the aim of educating the world about upcoming climate catastrophes. This will enable us to find a way out for all of us.

Volunteers will simultaneously translate the event into 150 languages this time, up from 100 languages last time. Each time the forum is held online, Creative Society beats its own record.

What makes this forum a strategic step in our history? How can people from all over the world of different nationalities, religions, professions, and social statuses come together on a common platform voluntarily? How are 180 countries able to work every day as volunteers to prepare for a complex event?

Wars, epidemics, starvation, and mass extinction are among the global crises. This seems to be an important reason, doesn’t it? It is only the tip of the deadly “iceberg” that lies ahead.

Globally, the last war of humanity is a war against climate change, which is killing both the wealthy and the poor. This process is already underway, taking the lives of millions of people and destroying everything in its path…

The Global Crisis online forum is open to all people. Our Survival is in Unity these reasons were enough to put contradictions aside and unite for the sake of informing all the people of the world. There are no sponsors, no advertisements, and no hidden agendas.

We are artificially divided and forced to fight one another. A fragmented humanity is in imminent danger of extinction. Forum participants are aware of this fact, Forum experts will confirm it with scientific evidence, and eyewitnesses will provide their own testimony. The live broadcast will be conducted on November 12, 2022, with simultaneous interpretation into 150 languages.

It is time to take responsibility for your life back which you have vainly delegated to politicians if you are willing to learn the truth. Our most critical tasks today are to avoid a climate catastrophe, to understand the real scale and causes of the world’s crises, and to provide practical solutions.

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