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Cosmetics product photos need to convey the benefits, idea and ingredients through its imagery for a successful sale. EtherArts follows these simple concepts.

EtherArts Photography is an Atlanta based studio offering low-cost product photography since 2007. Along with cosmetics and lifestyle product photography services, they also offer Infographic shots.”
— Aarti Rane

ATLANTA, GA, USA, April 2, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — As the eCommerce industry is poised to reach 7.4 trillion U.S. dollars by 2025, opportunities are abundant for entrepreneurs to start selling online. The success of any eCommerce business, however, depends on how effectively they present the products. As 75% of shoppers make the final purchase decision based on product photos, it is important to acquire professional product images. “Ecommerce product photography is more than high-end product appeal, product pictures are also the most-used content for audience engagement across social media channels,” explains Aarti from EtherArts Product Photography. This is more important for lifestyle products as people want to have a clear idea of how they will use them or how will it look on them.

The EtherArts, an Atlanta-based photography studio offering a low-cost cosmetic photography service is creating a shift in the industry. The studio shares some insights about product photography for high-quality pictures. The studio emphasizes that if you have a requirement for cosmetic product photography, you should know what it takes to create engaging pictures.

Emphasize on details:
As most cosmetic products are hand-sized items, it is important to capture the product’s close details. “Customers are always interested in checking out items in real life before making a purchase decision, but with online shopping, they have to rely on the details captured within a picture,” says Aarti. This leaves scope for customers turning critical of your eCommerce business if you don’t have high-quality product pictures. Cosmetic photography service in Atlanta offers low cost real product photographs without renderings.

Light up:
Arguably the most important aspect of eCommerce product photography is lighting. While natural lighting is wonderful, studio lighting is important too. Ring lights are ideal when taking makeup or skincare product photographs with a model in the frame. As these lights produce soft and even luminary effect, it minimizes harsh shadows and blemishes.

For product photography, it is always advisable to use cooler temperature lights. “Any experienced product photography Atlanta service will know how to use artificial or natural lighting to create impressionable prints,” says Aarti, the owner and a veteran product photographer
“At our studio, we make use of multiple lights to be in more control over the shoot. For too small products we use a light tent for more clarity,” she adds.

Focus on maximizing angles and perspective :
It is incredibly hard to sell makeup products with usual photographs. As shoppers are naturally drawn more to exceptional perspectives, today it is possible to create an immersive experience with 360-degree photographs. EtherArts Product Photography & Graphics offers 360-degree lifestyle product photography services that are huge in demand on stores such as Amazon and Walmart. It is important to explore beyond basic frames. You have to create more perspective by changing angles and moving around. You will sell a lot if you can capture something impressive. This idea of various angles and perspectives plays a vital role in creating product listings for Amazon photography. Our Amazon photography USA studio is equipped with experienced photographers who can build effective product listings.

Choose the right background :
The backdrop is one of the most important aspects of cosmetic products. Aarti explains, “We start by understanding the product concept and the customer expectation from the product. We ask clients about their perception of the product too. This gives us creative leverage as we can elicit the deep level of emotion by choosing the right backgrounds.” For example, if the product has to be presented as cheery a contrast of bright colors is ideal for the backdrop, else a white background is suitable for most products. If a product is brightly colored monochrome or black background is best.

Experiment with props:
It is not uncommon to use props in eCommerce product photography. However, it is important to ensure that the props used are not drawing attention away from the primary subject, i.e., the product.

Many times, photographers use props just to occupy the frame around the product, but such shoots present a confusing image. Props chosen to be included with the product in the frame should intensify its appeal. If you are taking pictures to use on eCommerce sites, avoid using any props. They are more suited for social media, banners, and ads.

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