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Register for Dec 1 Symposium “The Importance of Visibility in OT Cyber Security”

Register for Dec 7 Symposium “Industrial Security Road Trip”

2 upcoming online symposiums will cover the history of industrial security and efforts to increase visibility into OT control systems

As my first boss in the Navy told me “You can only expect what you inspect”. He was telling me to get up, get out, and actively look directly at the areas where I had responsibility on our ship.”
— Derek R Harp

ATLANTA, GA, USA, November 23, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — For additional commentary, this post can be viewed in full on LinkedIn.

Control System Cyber Security Association International, better known as “(CS)2AI,” invites cyber security professionals to attend two upcoming free online continuing education events. CEU credits will be made available to all attendees.

(CS)2AI Symposium events are the centerpiece of the continuing education programming the organization offers to cyber security professionals. Each is a ½ day format featuring well-known cyber security researchers, leaders, and pioneers from the sector. Over these two events, the association will be giving away more than $10,000 in community participation prizes including a ticket for next year’s S4x23 Conference and a Cloud Range mission in their cyber range for up to 10 participants and 4 observers! (For qualified, new customers only.)

Theme 1 – Visibility of Control System Networks
This online symposium will be held Thursday, Dec 1 at 1pm EST.

“As my first boss in the Navy told me ‘You can only expect what you inspect.’ He was telling me to get up, get out, and actively look directly at the areas where I had responsibility on our ship,” says Derek Harp, founder and chairman of (CS)2AI. This event builds on this lesson by providing examples of having the “right tools in the right place” for visibility.

In order to “inspect” this important area together, (CS)2AI invites cyber security professionals to attend “See before it happens -The Importance of Visibility in OT Cybersecurity” sponsored by KPMG, Claroty, and Cloud Range, on December 1st starting at 1pm Eastern Time. Astrophysicist Nathalie N.-Q. Oullette, Deputy Director of the Institute for Research on Exoplanets, will kick off the event by discussing what has been achieved by having such a powerful tool in place. No professional in any industry can expect to have knowledge of key areas of responsibility without being able to see and comprehend the subject. Professionals will be encouraged to consider the state of control system network activity monitoring in their organizations.

Speakers for this Symposium include Nathalie N.-Q. Ouellette, detailed above, Galina Antova, Co-Founder & CBDO at Claroty; Walter Ariel Risi, Partner & Global OT Cybersecurity Lead at KPMG; Manuel E. Basurte – CISA, Global Industrial Cybersecurity Manager at Ternium; and Debbie Gordon, Founder & CEO of Cloud Range – Virtual Cyber Range Attack Simulation

Register here for next week’s event: https://www.cs2ai.org/ein-visibility-in-ot-symposium


Theme 2 – Cyber Security for Control Systems is a Global Concern
This online symposium will be held Wednesday, Dec 7 at 1pm EST.

The overall challenges facing control systems security is deeply concerning in all corners of the globe. And though the remedies, government approaches, regulatory bodies, etc. may vary, the problems are the same to all modern and connected societies. Moreover, there are professionals deeply concerned and working hard to protect these critical systems in every corner of the world.

In building the program for the final Symposium of their program year, event organizers developed the theme “Industrial Security Road Trip – Perspectives from Around the World” with the support of event title sponsor, Waterfall Security Solutions.

This Symposium will feature the following agenda:

• From Theory To Reality – Rees Machtemes of Waterfall Security Solutions shares his research into this year’s production outages from cyber attacks all over the world, and what can be learned from them.

• New Frontiers – Edward Amoroso of TAG Cyber LLC and Andrew Ginter of Waterfall Security Solutions look at cybersecurity challenges, opportunities, and solutions around the world in the new industries dealing with climate change.

• Farther, Faster and Safer – Tilo Kaschubek of AVEVA and Andrew Ginter of Waterfall Security Solutions look at how global customer, producer and supplier ecosystems are being integrated, safely, through the AVEVA Data Hub

• New Solutions for an Old Industry – Before there were planes or even cars for our travels, there were trains. Christopher Crawford, Transportation Industry Director at Waterfall Security Solutions shares how this oldest of industries is embracing industrial security with new initiatives, new standards, and new reference architectures for protecting passengers and equipment.

Bonus: Throughout the symposium, Nate Nelson and Andrew Ginter will highlight a historical podcast road show, with excerpts and reflections on relevant episodes from around the world.

Sign up to attend this Symposium. https://www.cs2ai.org/ein-ot-cybersecurity-roadtrip-symposium

(CS)2AI thanks its event sponsors, Q-Net Security, Trend Micro, and GBQ Partners for making it possible for events like this to be shared for free to the cyber security professionals.

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