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Chris Lenyszyn, GHSA Folk Wrestling Official Presents, What It Takes to Become a Great Wrestler!

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, February 16, 2023 / — In a recent address to high school students, Georgia High School Association Wrestling Official Chris Lenyszyn gave valuable tips on how students can become great wrestlers. This is for fun, exercise, or even for those who want to become better wrestlers.

One of the most critical aspects of wrestling that Lenyszyn noted is that one needs to exercise hard to build strength. He said that wrestling is a contact sport that requires athleticism and determination to succeed. It is not for the faint of heart. One needs to be physically and mentally strong to compete at a high level. To reach your goals, you must train hard, conditioning your body with exercises that help build the strength and endurance necessary for success both on and off the mat. Endurance exercises like running, strength training and lifting weights are great ways to prepare for an upcoming match. Likewise, weightlifting helps build strength to execute powerful moves against formidable opponents. With proper training and enough dedication, one can reap the rewards of being a successful wrestler.

Chris Lenyszyn also noted that every aspiring wrestler needs to be self-disciplined. He said that wrestling is a sport that is both physically and mentally demanding. To become a successful wrestler, it is essential to build the discipline to follow the game’s rules. This requires dedication and commitment both on and off the mat. Practicing good sportsmanship in training and competitions helps to ensure better performance while reinforcing essential habits such as self-control and respect for your opponent. Wrestlers also need to be highly organized to be successful. Daily drills must be planned out precisely so that all skills necessary are acquired by match time. Ultimately, those who cultivate discipline following the rules of wrestling will find success through hard work and dedication, growing their skill level faster than those who do not invest time into mastering these fundamentals.

Chris Lenyszyn also told wrestlers that they need to find a move that works for them and perfect it. He stated that every wrestler has their style, starting with finding an activity you are comfortable executing. There is no single definition of the best approach to Wrestling because everyone’s strengths and skills will vary. Instead, the key to success is understanding how your body moves and works best in those situations. Once you have pinpointed a few techniques you like, practice them regularly until you feel confident performing them. This will help you excel in your craft and give you confidence in each match as your trust and proficiency grow.

Chris Lenyszyn is a dedicated and compassionate Folkstyle Wrestling Official. He is honorably recognized for his contribution to High School athletics in Georgia, for mastery of the rules of the game, and for impartial application of these rules in the athletic contests officiated. He has been given the Officiating Triple Crown Award in recognition of valuable contributions to three sports during the annual school year Wrestling, Girls Fast Pitch Softball and Boys Baseball. Chris Lenyszyn received a Certificate of Appreciation for 20 Years of Service as an Athletic Official for the Georgia High School Association. Besides officiating sports, particularly his love for Wrestling, Chris Lenyszyn is a highly experienced and skilled Direct Response Marketing Consultant.

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