The EV industry’s first purpose-built credit card terminal POS application aligns with the most advanced Level 2 charging solutions to streamline payments

Our solution, combined with the amazing chargers and platform from IoTecha, offers a truly All-in-One solution for businesses looking to participate in the exploding EV industry”
— Sarah Adams, SVP of Business Development, Charge to Charge

ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, March 14, 2023 / — Charge to Charge has chosen IoTecha, a global leader in Smart Charging for Electric Vehicles, as their preferred partner for its first-of-its-kind, turnkey EV charging POS software solution.

Located in Alpharetta, Georgia and launching in Q2 2023, Charge to Charge’s payment solution is designed to address the new California Air Resources Board (CARB) Regulations for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment requirements regarding credit card payment acceptance, labeling, and reporting. These regulations specifically require disclosure of all fees at the point of sale, credit card reader, and mobile payment via NFC reader. Subscription and membership cannot be required for the EVSE to dispense energy. With the Charge to Charge solution, EV charging manufacturers and consumers can now enjoy the benefits of a turnkey EV charging point of sale software solution that comes with an online station management portal and digital signage capabilities.

The team at IoTecha has been revolutionizing the EV ecosystem for over a decade, most recently with the launch of their patent-pending IoT.ON™platform. IoTecha provides software, hardware and cloud components for Smart Charging infrastructure and integration of electric vehicles of all kinds with the power grid. IoTecha’s, and bi-directional power flow. IoTecha’s comprehensive IoT.ON™ platform enables the remote monitoring, configuring, and updating of EV chargers, as well as optimizing energy flows through IoTecha’s topology-awareTM energy management services, which can reduce the total cost of ownership for customers. IoTecha also offers interactive display options for programmatic advertising, customer information, service offers, personalized messages, and more. With the Charge to Charge payment system, this new EV Charger offering now provides frictionless, compliant payment processing with turnkey management capabilities.

“IoTecha’s goal is to simplify and accelerate product launches for our customers,” shared Oleg Logvinov, CEO of IoTecha. “Via this partnership, we are presenting our customers with an opportunity to simplify payment processing through the pre-integrated Charge to Charge All-in-One solution. This integration is another step towards providing a simple and ready-to-use payment solution. This solution also offers an opportunity to generate a recurring revenue stream to further enhance the profitability of charging businesses.”

For B2C customers, when an end user pays for EV charging using Charge to Charge, the process is quick and hassle-free. Whether an end user chooses to pay with a credit card, debit card, or mobile payment app, their transaction is processed securely and efficiently by the Charge to Charge payment platform.

For business owners, this fully integrated Smart Charging solution ensures easy compliance with state and federal government regulations as well as PCI, DSS and EMV compliance, all on outdoor IP/IK rated secure payment devices. This Smart Charging platform is agnostic, working seamlessly with a range of industry partners, and allows for real-time updates on start, stop, kilowatt display, and time to charge. The platform offers turnkey management capabilities and customizations, such as the choice to accept payment based on charge session time or kilowatt hour dispensed.

“Our solution, combined with the amazing chargers and platform from IoTecha, offers a truly All-in-One solution for businesses looking to participate in the exploding EV industry,” said Sarah Adams, SVP of Business Development, from Charge to Charge. “It ensures that businesses can support their unique requirements, federal and state guidelines while offering a superior fast charging experience to customers, giving them the peace of mind they require to confidently invest in this sector.”

Complete charging solutions can be customized and configured to meet retail, hospitality, business, and other commercial area deployments. Learn more at Payment terminals available exclusively through Las Vegas based distributor Unattended Card Payments Inc., learn more at

About Charge to Charge

Charge to Charge is located in Alpharetta, Georgia and is specialized in unattended payment acceptance and regulations within the EV charging industry. Our first-of-its-kind software is designed to address open payment acceptance and charging display regulations in real time. Our founders are seasoned professionals in the unattended and payment industries dedicated to empowering the EV Charging industry with a compliant, reliable and streamlined solution while creating a seamless experience for consumers.

About IoTecha

IoTecha’s IoT.ON™ platform accelerates the electric vehicle revolution by providing an integrated platform consisting of software, hardware and cloud components for Smart Charging infrastructure and power grid integration of Electric Vehicles of all kinds. IoTecha B2B customers are energy and power companies, charge point operators, and manufacturers of both Electric Vehicles and EV charging stations. IoTecha products include V2G and HomePlug Protocol Analyzer, Combined Charging System on Module (and custom modules), EV charging stations and IoT.ON™ Cloud-based services. For more information, please visit

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