The platform is focused on helping individuals, leaders, and organizations to cultivate spiritually and achieve goals.

MARIETTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, January 3, 2022 / — The Center for Spiritual Cultivation is pleased to announce the official launch of its highly anticipated non-profit educational platform.

Incorporated in August of 2021, The Center for Spiritual Cultivation is a non-profit educational platform featuring an online and in-person community focused on helping individuals, leaders, and organizations to cultivate spirituality and achieve goals. More specifically, the center supports individuals who are seeking to cultivate their spiritual attributes by learning to live by spiritual laws and spiritual principles. Additionally, the center works with leaders to increase their spiritual intelligence capacity, and with corporate partners who are looking to create or maintain spirituality in the workplace.

“After studying the ancient systems of spiritual cultivation for more than 25 years and working my way up the corporate and academic ladder, I have been both called and compelled to launch this center,” says founder and President, Dr. Kweisi Ausar. “Our work is clear, impactful, and relevant: given the high level of pandemic-related workplace discontent, The Center for Spiritual Cultivation stands ready to assist individuals, leaders, and organizations in creating greater meaning in work and at work.”

According to Dr. Ausar, the organization’s approach is grounded in ancient systems of spiritual cultivation, which focuses on increasing personal resilience, efficacy, and perseverance. The team specializes in combating and buffering the effects of workplace trauma experienced by healthcare workers and workplace discrimination most often experienced by women and minorities. Additionally, the center focuses on self-knowledge, the power of unity consciousness, and the development of spiritual faculties.

The Center for Spiritual Cultivation is located at 531 Roselane Street NW, Unit 400-122, Marietta, GA 30060.

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About The Center for Spiritual Cultivation

The Center for Spiritual Cultivation was founded by the organization’s President, Dr. Kweisi Ausar, an Associate Professor at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. He conducts research on workplace spirituality and other topics related to human dynamics in organizations. Dr. Ausar is focused on empowering individuals to transcend undesirable, dysfunctional, and harmful conditioning by cultivating spiritual competencies that are designed to increase mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

In his memoir, No Sur: Breaking the Chains that Bind the Spirit, Dr. Ausar details how spiritual cultivation revolutionized his life and how it can do the same for readers. It was the art and science of spirituality that brought Dr. Ausar out of addiction, existential crisis, and mental health issues—to a place of outstanding personal and professional achievement.

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