After Successful Launch Of His Book “A Scientific Proof: Souls’ Existence Plausible “ At Los Angeles Bookfair in 2022, Cain Manzira Engages Global Audience

“But we do know that this seems to be an entirely new form of communication in the brain, so we are very excited about this.” say neurologist referring to wireless communication within the brain”
— biomedical engineer Dominique Durand

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, March 20, 2023 / — Author Cain Manzira has announced that he is now ready to start giving talks to worldwide audiences in colleges, schools, universities, churches and other gatherings on his book, “A Scientific Proof: Souls’ Existence Plausible”: This is a powerful dissertation that explores faith and the soul. It is the creation of the published author who is a native of Zimbabwe and current resident of South Carolina , United States Of America, who has transitioned from being a computer engineer to a nuclear scientist.

Cain Manzira shares, “Proving that an invisible microsphere can carry intelligible data equivalent to that of the average human brain gives plausibility to the idea that human beings have souls”

This proof was achieved through a scientific experiment that quantified the number of electromagnetic particles in a 1.73nm diameter sphere. According to quantum physics laws, particles with different frequencies can occupy the same space in time. Particles can occupy the same quantum “space” as long as they have different spin, energy and vector quantities. This is the key to our calculations for micro intelligence capacity.

“His talk will give the audience a glimpse of the author’s life from being born in a forest in Chihota area of Zimbabwe through his childhood to his current scientific work with a bearing of the influence and participation of religious activities. He will take the audience into the mind-set of a doubter who questioned belief in religion and used scientific reasoning to accept Christianity.

On Page 27 he writes “Thus, with all the questions running through my mind, I sought logic in place of faith. The first port of call was of course evolution. It all made perfect sense. There was no place for creation in the literature and scientific books that I read, least of all, for Jesus Christ.”

And Page 30 ” Introduce quantum physics and astrophysics right there you get your ammunition to rebel against Christianity. You have direct proof that no one can see heaven up there. You peep through a telescope and see galaxies that belittle your little boggled mind and the vastness scares you into a new gospel. Your new gospel of astrophysics and the cosmic becomes a clear explanation of the origin of the ever-expanding universe.”

Then counters on Page 43, ” “Assertion: “Neurologists have delved deep into the brain and discovered that depression, love, niceness, politeness, aggression, abstract thinking, judgment, patience, instincts and memories have turned out to have biochemical causes, not spiritual ones, and can all be radically affected by brain damage and brain surgery. This is all only possible if consciousness and emotions are all physical, with no need for soul theory.”
Response: This would be a nice summation if it was factual. Duality does not exclude biochemical processes. Two entities exist both which are capable of evoking the biochemical or neural activity .””

Cain takes the audience through the explanations inferred from the existence of souls on the actions they take in life phenomenon where such actions are normally attributed to spiritual effect or miraculous occurrences. He talks about dreams, near death experiences, telepathy and presents arguments to dispel other researcher’s opinions about the so-called evidence against the existence of a human soul.”

Consumers can purchase “A Scientific Proof: Souls’ Existence Plausible” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Google, Target, Wal-Mart, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble and many other book stores worldwide.

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