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ATLNATA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, September 9, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Social Media Platform BU-Network, has arrived. BU-Network has acquired major recognition in the social media world and has created much anticipation around it’s launch. After launching its platform and corresponding app in October of 2020, many of its users have given it a five star rating on it’s first roll out. This was based on the New Social Media App 2020 reviews by users for its usefulness, overall criteria, quality, uniqueness in the market, user interface, new interactive modules and overall design.

Our BU-Network is gaining traction from many users around the globe, citing its user friendliness and being platform agnostic. (App can be accessed on both Apple and Android App stores).BU-Network offers a
very clean presentation users will appreciate. It has a built in algorithm that tailors your social and activity feed. It also features a built-in media player for those who prefer to enjoy music while being immersed in the search experience. If you are someone that wants a social media app that lets you connect with new friends, family and
business without the censorship, politics and security restrictions then BU-Network is by far the best choice. We listen to the ratings that come from OURUSERS. We seek to make the app inclusive and to innovate technologically as users leverage the platform.

Users have stated the app is “Creative, Innovation, Impactful and has a great
design”. Our app offers its users to formulate group forums for their personal and business social media pages. This app provides its users unprecedented connectivity with one another. Our users can share and post photos and videos, go live and advertise their business as well. We are committed to 100% reach on every post and commit to never selling user data. BU-Network offers a safe and engaging environment. BU-Network will be used as an alternative form of social media, that encourages the user to use it’s many avenues available.

Everything from daily news updates, uplifting stories, in-home workouts, tips for projects with the kids and MORE! In addition to more effectively connecting with one another, users are able to access geographically sorted live news feeds to see current and local health related information. BU- Network users can add friends, follow people
and pages, get real-time news with news feeds, chat, notifications, profile updates, share any public post on the BU-Network, as well as publish (music, videos, links). The Bu app is easily found on Apple and Android App Stores.
We are steadily expanding our user base. From a business point of view, companies can connect with our users
instantly. For example, brands and businesses can create chat boards and videos in order to broadcast messages to a number of subscribers at once.

BU-Network is redefining and creating a social media network that allows our users to better their lives as they discover and enjoy a wide spectrum of news, content and communities. Personal profiles showcase people and their lives while always allowing them to express and share stories. BU-network is rapidly growing with an
expanded reach of more platform users daily. Users can download the BU-Network App for free in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

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