Vicki’s Dream pictured here at Red Light Cafe in Atlanta, GA

We are honored to be in this contest and to have so many people support us through this. This is our dream, and we are so glad we are able to accomplish our goals while supporting a good cause.”
— Crow

Emerging from the Atlanta underground music scene, Vicki’s Dream has become a rising force in a contest hosted by The Opening Act and sponsored by a music app company called Audacy. The band is now currently in 1st place in the Group Finals of the competition and needs your help to advance further through the rounds to win the contest.

The winner of the contest is set to play at the “We Can Survive Concert” live at The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California and take home $10,000. You can vote daily once every 24 hours for the band for free. The contest has also been made in benefit to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Voting donations can be made when you click “Vote Together” and all the proceeds will go to the foundation and help in support of a good cause.

“We’ve seen the aftereffects of suicide and it is beyond devastating. Our love and prayers go out to anyone suffering through the loss of a loved one, and we strongly encourage people to reach out to someone if they are going through something they cannot take on alone,” said Vicki’s Dream. They went on to say, “We are honored to be in this contest and to have so many people support us through this. This is our dream, and we are so glad we are able to accomplish our goals while supporting a good cause. This is very important to us as it would open so many opportunities for us, and we want people to care as much as we do about music and fighting the good fight against suicide. We love being musicians because we are able to express ourselves and spread positive messages through our music. It gives us the opportunity and privilege to be able to perform live and provide an escape from reality to our listeners, and people need that.”

Beginning in October of 2017, both the worlds of shadow and light collided in a catastrophic collision thus creating Vicki’s Dream. The inventors and narrators behind the soundtrack and story to the world of Vicki’s Dream began with Toxic Thomas followed by Brince, Crow, and Fantazma.

The four creative minds of this motley crew bonded over several different music genres while developing their own signature blend of punk, goth, and metal tones, which became the musical forefront of their driving “post-apocalyptic” sound. Vicki’s Dream is here to break down the walls of reality while diving deep into the human condition and invites the listener on a quest to witness both the beauty and chaos found within the darkness and embrace the light within themselves each and every day.

But Just who is Vicki you ask? Vicki is the main character of our story. She is a strong young woman who has fallen into a deep slumber and has awakened to a post-apocalyptic world of our beloved earth left in destruction and disarray. It’s up to her to stop this from happening and restore everything back into perfect balance. Vicki represents a beacon of power and hope to all on her quest to save the earth and humankind from evil demonic forces working in conjunction with a tyrannical terrorist organization. Our songs represent her dreams and experiences. Fasten your seatbelts for an epic musical journey because the boat is going down the river, and there’s no telling how far the river goes.

Fans of Vicki’s Dream have described their sound in the likes of The B-52s meets The Misfits and Blondie having intercourse with The Go-Go’s. Their main influences draw from artists and bands such as The Misfits, Siouxsie Sue, Peter Murphy, The Plasmatics, Prince, A Perfect Circle, Faith No More, Dead Kennedys, Sonic Youth and more. They have had the honor to open for notable famous acts including Wednesday 13 and Psyclon Nine. They are currently working on an album and planning to release it sometime this year. They say that winning the $10,000 from the competition would be put towards the band’s essential needs such as the expenses of their album, merch, and equipment, so that they can continue to develop and improve on their sound and give a tangible and captivating experience to their fans.

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