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BoxLock launches an innovative LOTO solution for jobsite safety, automating documentation and enhancing compliance through connected padlocks and tags.

Our new LOTO system is designed with input from industry safety experts and leading contractors to meet the evolving needs of organizations committed to worker safety and regulatory compliance.”
— Brad Ruffkess, BoxLock CEO

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, March 19, 2024 / — In a significant step forward for jobsite safety, BoxLock today announced the launch of its innovative Lockout Tagout (LOTO) solution, specifically designed to safeguard workers by securing de-energized equipment during routine maintenance, service, or downtime. BoxLock is the leading access control solution for contractors and industrial distributors, giving them the ability to lock anything, log everything and automate their business processes.

According to OSHA, each year LOTO procedures prevent 50k injuries and 120 fatalities. Since 2014, OSHA has issued employers more than 10,000 LOTO citations, underscoring the need for rigorous documentation. That documentation takes time in the field by highly skilled workers, which can also lead to distractions. Manual LOTO logging can be time-consuming and prone to errors, risking compliance and worker safety.

BoxLock’s LOTO Solution automates digital record keeping by logging physical lockout and access events in BoxLock Control using BoxLock’s cellular connected padlocks. This prevents documentation errors and provides real-time LOTO status through smart digital LOTO tags. When using BoxLock LOTO, padlocks will only open once all workers have digitally released their locks.

To ensure full accountability and provide a comprehensive picture of safety operations, BoxLock integrates with online project management tools to link workers, tasks and inspections. By automating the LOTO process, LOTO documentation steps can be cut in half, increasing productivity and reliability of the data, thereby enhancing worker safety and compliance with rigorous documentation standards​​.

As part of BoxLock’s offering, BoxLock will be partnering with SML Capital Advisors to provide world-class safety documentation and develop coverage programs through reduced insurance premiums. SML Capital Advisors will be the first official reseller of BoxLock’s LOTO offering.

According to Andrew Masciantonio, CEO of SML Capital Advisors, “Electrocutions are one of the top three causes of death in the construction industry. This partnership will simplify the Lockout/Tagout process, reducing unnecessary human error, increasing accountability while setting a new standard for efficient and affordable employee protection solutions.”

Brad Ruffkess, BoxLock’s CEO emphasized that “Our new LOTO system is designed with input from industry safety experts and leading contractors to meet the evolving needs of organizations committed to worker safety and regulatory compliance.”

BoxLock’s LOTO Solution is available as an add-on Program to BoxLock Control and is compatible with all BoxLock 2 devices.
For more information on BoxLock’s integrated LOTO solution and its benefits visit BoxLock’s website at

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