ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, November 17, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — A VPS hosting offers core access to the operating system, as well as powerful resources that can be used in any online project. Most businesses find it a viable option when it comes to upgrading the shared plans, without spending too much money in the process. Virtual servers run in a similar manner dedicated servers do.

That’s why they’re used by many IT companies, as well as eCommerce startups and other similar categories. BlueVPS has virtual servers that address customers who benefit the most from them. Here are the top features and how they can affect a website!
Higher speed
If speed represents a concern on the current hosting plan, a VPS will solve this issue. That’s because the server is optimized to run efficiently in any circumstance. The dedicated allocation of resources guarantees good time responses and stability. Also, the customer will select the amount of disk space and RAM in the configuration stage. Another benefit is the SSD technology, which is 100x times faster compared to HDDs. Since speed represents a critical factor of ranking in search engines, it shouldn’t be ignored.
Multiple Choices of OS
The biggest advantage of Linux systems relies on the fact that any distribution is free and open-source. This is translated into multiple customization for the apps and freedom for developers to make changes.

If someone runs Python, Perl or Ruby scripts, it’s an amazing environment. BlueVPS has servers with CentOs, as well as Debian or Ubuntu editions. Before making the final decision, it’s important for people to know their needs.
Reliable Hosting
In business settings, scalable systems offer a good competitive advantage. With VPS hosting services, the unexpected growth in traffic and customers won’t create any downtime. Instead, the server can be upgraded instantly. This is possible due to cloud technology that prevents any point of failure and helps entrepreneurs avoid overpaying for resources. Scalability is necessary when there are increased workloads that need to be addressed immediately.

24/7 Technical Support
A VPS hosting package should be monitored by a team of experts consistently. That’s how everyone knows the provider is serious and meets organizations’ expectations. When there’s someone that can be reached anytime, there are answers to technical questions. This is a benefit for people who don’t want to deal with technology or invest in the IT department. Technical support can be reached via email and each request will be taken care of in a short time.
Software Compatibility
Most websites are based on content management systems, since they allow a better customization for any owner. BlueVPS supports well-known softwares from the same category, such as WordPress, Magento or OpenCart. As a result, the resources are optimized and there are multiple functions that can be accessed. This is possible thanks to the root access that gives more power and better management.
Why is BlueVPS recommended for start-up businesses?
A virtual server doesn’t have to be expensive compared to shared hosting. Anyone can find a plan with unlimited bandwidth, SSD storage and advanced security systems at an affordable price. BlueVPS come up with great solutions for startups and offer features similar to dedicated hosting.

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