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William Smith, founder, and owner of Double Iron Consulting, recently sat down for Episode 197 of The Other Side of Potential Podcast.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, September 21, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — William Smith, founder, and owner of Double Iron Consulting, recently sat down for Episode 197 of The Other Side of Potential Podcast. The episode is hosted by Sharon Spano, officially titled “Ensuring the Longevity of Family Business with Bill Smith.”

The journey to launching Double Iron Consulting is a unique one for Bill Smith. He spent the early part of his professional career working for his family business, Royal Cup Coffee and Tea. Ever since he was a child, he grew up around the business and saw how everything works efficiently.

In the podcast, Bill goes into how he builds off what he learned at Royal Cup Coffee and Tea to make Double Iron Consulting a true stand-out in helping with business-related issues such as succession planning, leadership development, growth, alignment, and more.

So many business minds are searching for the answers that lead to success. While it’s impossible always to find success in an industry, Smith hopes sharing his insight provides another approach to help.

Bill also spends a lot of time discussing more recent issues affecting businesses worldwide. He had to adjust like so many people, whether it was supply chain issues, COVID-19-related issues, or juggling remote working environments.

Launching Double Iron Consulting after the initial COVID-19 breakout also provided some unique challenges he had to figure out before he could help others.

The 42-minute lesson is geared toward anyone involved in the business world. A family-operated business has its ups and downs like anything else.

Bill Smith is the third generation of the business; although the company is now run by non-family leadership, he still plays a role on the board to help see its success moving forward. Not many family businesses have enjoyed this amount of success throughout the years.

Bill’s primary focus is on growing his own business and helping others. He hopes an appearance on a podcast talking about his story can inspire people to look for answers and push forward in their industry.

Everyone reaches success in different ways. It’s all about finding the right ideas and putting the plan together to reach specific goals in time.

Host Sharon Spano now has over 200 episodes as part of “The Other Side of Potential” series. Bill Smith’s episode quickly became one of the more popular downloads thanks to the variety of topics covered in a short, easy listen.

To download the specific episode of the podcast, search for it online. There’s also an option to subscribe to the series.
About William Smith

Bill Smith is the owner and founder of the business planning and consulting firm Double Iron Consulting. Founded in 2021, he strives to help other business owners find success and work towards goals.

From helping navigate pitfalls to growing the right way, Bill’s insight into the business world provides him with a unique perspective he shares with others. To learn more about Bill and his company, visit their website.

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