America’s Most Trusted Home Improvement Brands Expand Local Authority License Offerings

SAVANNAH, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, September 20, 2022 / — Junior Glymph, a celebrated American football legend, accepts the invitation to join the Authority Home Service Professionals Board of Directors. As an owner and operator of multiple Authority Roofing Company Units throughout Georgia and South Carolina, Glymph is an inspiration to current and aspiring licensees. Authority Home Service Professionals (AHSP) provides homeowners with a collection of home improvement specialty brands they can trust. AHSP headquarters and corporate offices in Savannah, Georgia, support local licensee units in Atlanta, Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Chicago, Columbia, Monroe, and Alpharetta. AHSP is thrilled to announce new units opening daily.

Following a successful career in the NFL, Junior Glymph went on to pursue wealth-defining opportunities with the most innovative home improvement brands. Lauren Fuqua, chief operating officer of AHSP’s parent company Office WireUp Holding, said, “Working with Junior and his seasoned athlete mindset has been inspiring. He’s always moving with intention and defined goals in mind. Everything he has done over the years has been about people. He joined the authority roofing team to give homeowners the ability to modify their homestead to meet their dreams. Now, I look forward to experiencing JR’s further reach of service as a board member.” Although licensees can operate AHSP specialty brands individually, Glymph aspired to create a multi-pack operation. Glymph currently owns and operates seven Authority Roofing Company Units. As a passionate and goal-driven owner, Glymph was a clear choice to serve on AHSP’s board of directors. According to Glymph, “being asked to join the Authority Home Service Professionals Board is such an honor. I humbly accepted the invitation to expand my ability to impact all the AHSP licensees and the communities we serve.”

Authority Home Service Professionals, established in 2021, is based on the principles of innovation, unmatched service promises, and top-tier financing options. AHSP’s five highly profitable home improvement specialty brands include Authority Roofing Company, Authority Lifetime Exterior Siding, Authority Lifetime Gutter Company, Authority Lifetime Window Company, and Authority Home Solar Roof Company. Local licensees have the opportunity to utilize AHSP’s proven business model to create a thriving local business. Homeowners choose AHSP brands for their twenty-four seven emergency response guarantee, guaranteed pricing, risk-free money-back 365-day guarantee, and refreshing business accountability. All AHSP units provide homeowners with the best home services solutions at the best possible prices. The board of directors and AHSP’s local operators deliver superior products, installation methods, and experiences to each customer.

Authority Home Service Professionals and its board of directors are pleased to report an exponential ten-year unit growth trajectory of 5,000 units worldwide. Each unit is expected to produce an average volume of one million dollars. AHSP operates on a growth mindset providing licensees with low-cost start-up fees, proprietary AHSP operating systems, comprehensive business support, and world-class licensee training. AHSP’s current growth rate is trending upwards of 500% each month. Interested entrepreneurs can visit to learn about license opportunities with Authority Home Service Professionals, create a customized agreement, and start a prosperous service-oriented business.

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