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Austin Gardner Is Heavy on His Heart About Spreading The Gospel To “Every Man”

BALL GROUND, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, July 18, 2022 / — In Austin’s personal blog where he shares articles based on over 50 years of experience in ministry and Biblical preaching, “From Austin’s Pen”, Austin Gardner posted a piece emptying his heart out about spreading the education of God to every man on every corner of the earth. Spread the Gospel and reach people for Christ, then bring them to Christ and educate them so they may be spiritually mature.

This has always been at the top of Austin’s mind. Being a minister and preacher for over 50 years has certainly allowed him to spread the word of God to as many people as he can. The beginning of his ministry journey started in Peru, where he discovered the power of life-on-life discipleship. Austin states that to share the whole counsel of God to “every man” is a truth that should affect every area of our lives.

Austin goes on to state that the first mission of the church is “to reach people for Christ and to bring them into spiritual maturity in Christ.” This is the way Austin has lived his life and will continue to live his life until he is called by God. He has led a life of developing personal relationships with his disciples and teaching them the Biblical text throughout the relationships.

Alignment Ministries is the newest system of this life-on-life discipleship that Austin has developed to spread the word of the Bible. It was developed to maximize the cause of Christ and the Biblical life-on-life discipleship. We are excited for what the future holds and serving God with the gifts and blessings that he has provided to us!

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