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LaQuita Parks

Atlanta native LaQuita Parks is respectably referred to as “the Queen,” “the C.E.O.”, and “Mama” by many successful business professionals.

MARIETTA, GEORGIA, USA, January 16, 2023 / — Atlanta native LaQuita Parks is respectably referred to as “the Queen,” “the C.E.O.”, and “Mama” by many successful business professionals. She is the host of the weekly Internet radio show The Power of Your Story on T.R.I.V.I.A.’s Inspirational Radio network and My Heart on Pages Podcast, and The Book Slam on the Clubhouse mobile app on the second Tuesday of every month at 8:00 P.M (EST). She is the creator of A Failure 2 Communicate Creative Writing Program, which is designed to teach children how to tell their individual stories and become published authors. She was crowned Woman of the Year in 2022 by Making Headline News. In 2022, the C.E.O. of Pain, Progress, and Victory LaQuita Parks (Pa-Pro-Vi Publishing) partnered with visionary Chanelle Coleman Wesley to launch the second annual She Said Yes To Herself Unapologetically Summit in March 2023.

LaQuita Parks admits to being a by-product of pain, progress, and victory. At 4 years old, LaQuita Parks was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital to have a routine tonsillectomy. Following the procedure, her mother left her at the Atlanta hospital to get ice cream for Ms. Parks and her young sisters. A family member remained behind to watch the young LaQuita. While at the hospital, a nurse came into the room and administered treatment that was supposed to be for a different patient. While administering the treatment, the nurse negligently jabbed the 4-year-old with the needle piercing a nerve and causing a lifetime of physical anguish. In 1973, Medicare patients were considered charity cases which precluded the family from seeking a legal remedy for the nurse’s negligence under former Georgia law. The C.E.O. of Pa-Pro-Vi Publishing describes herself as having endured a tremendous amount of pain over the years and she has never walked the same again.

Despite her physical struggles, C.E.O. LaQuita Parks successfully launched Pa-Pro-Vi Publishing approximately 3 years ago and she assists hundreds of authors in turning their stories into a realization. She has published books for authors of all ages. LaQuita Parks is the C.E.O. of pain, progress, and victory.

In March 2023, Pa-Pro-Vi Publishing company will serve as one of the premier sponsors for the She Said Yes To Herself Unapologetically virtual summit. The She Said Yes To Herself Unapologetically virtual event was established to educate and motivate Christian women professionals. The event features men and women professionals from around the world who will be speaking and teaching business strategies and specialized techniques in marketing, digital advertising, business development, authoring, and editing books, and business networking.

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