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ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, December 14, 2022 / — According to the American Dental Association, 3 out of 5 Americans say a bright smile boosts self-confidence. One Atlanta-based oral hygiene company is paving the way for fresher breath and pearly whites. Introducing The Veneer Collection™, the first toothpaste and cleaning system designed specifically for all types of veneers.

The American born A List Cosmetics, brainchild of CEO Brandon Dillard, is headquartered in the heart of the Peach State. Its Veneer Collection™ is taking the oral hygiene market by storm with rave reviews from customers who wish to keep their pearly whites as bright and brilliant as the day they received them. Dillard adds, “The Veneer Collection™ is the perfect oral care system designed to effectively maintain and increase the longevity of your veneer lifespan.”

This essential accessory for influencers, A-listers, and soccer moms created a thriving market to the tune of 1.5 billion per year. A staple among Hollywood actors, speakers, and the C-suite, veneers often come without proper care, but now the Veneer Collection™ has the answer. The growing industry promises sparkling smiles, but regular toothpaste formulas cause nicks and scratches.

Orthodontists say veneers can last 10 years or more with proper cleaning, but many stain, crack, or yellow because of improper oral care. The Veneer Collection™ offers a unique solution to combat morning coffee or blueberry smoothies. This patented blend made with natural ingredients is 100% chemical free. No more artificial coloring, titanium dioxide, or abrasive agents. The Veneer Collection™ takes oral health from gums to teeth seriously.

The environmentally friendly brand boasts a full suite of oral care, including the cordless 5-mode polishing toothbrush, the popular Color Correct Serum that fights those stubborn stains, and the Veneer Whitening toothpaste that targets unhealthy germs and bacteria. The solution is free from baking soda or charcoal and is safe for composite, porcelain, ceramic, and zirconium veneers.

This revolutionary product is breathing new life into the toothpaste industry with its 3-step system. The fast-acting trio, the Veneer Cleansing and Gum Serum, Color Corrector, and Polishing Serum, work together to knock out stubborn stains and protect veneers. It is even safe for natural teeth.

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