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Atlanta, Georgia urgent care and primary care provider, WestsideMed, addressed medical professionals offering chronic condition management its essential role

Chronic condition management is more than just checking in on patients. It involves a lot of planning, goal-setting, and comprehensive care. It’s one of our standout programs that help patients thrive”
— Ariel Esteves

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, August 23, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Not only does Atlanta urgent care WestsideMed provide patients in the Atlanta area with comprehensive, quick, urgent medical care, but it also focuses on primary care.

Although a massive aspect of American healthcare, WestsideMed wanted to emphasize how primary care can easily change lives through sustained, special attention.

Namely, chronic condition management and how it helps patients live a longer, more healthy life.
Chronic Condition Management In Atlanta With WestsideMed
WestsideMed’s specialty lies in Atlanta urgent care.

However, ignoring the chronic conditions that plague so many Atlanta residents, they’d be remiss not to address more significant problems. Some patients require long-term care.

Whether they have diabetes or osteoporosis, they will receive much-needed help. Chronic condition management aims to relieve pressure on patients by developing long-term health goals and easing any medical burdens.

Chronic conditions, as WestsideMed defines them, are medical conditions that last for three months or more. Understandably, these chronic conditions can take a heavy toll. Not only for patients but their families as well. WestsideMed dedicates itself to educating old and new patients about its chronic condition management services. And to ensure that families feel secure knowing WestsideMed is providing in-depth chronic condition management.

“Chronic condition management is more than just checking in on patients. It involves a lot of planning, goal-setting, and comprehensive care. It’s one of our standout programs that help patients thrive,” states nurse practitioner Ariel Esteves of WestsideMed.

For the urgent care and primary care provider in Atlanta, chronic care also involves compassionate, forward-facing service that ensures that patients are receiving the best care possible.

More than that, however, is the urgent care provider’s dedication to mapping out a road to in-depth treatment and possible recovery.

“Effectively treating chronic diseases is one of the most important foundations of health care. At WestsideMed, this program crafts individual health care services for patients to help address and even prevent health conditions.”

What Are Chronic Conditions?

What conditions fall under the umbrella of chronic condition management? While any illness or medical ailment which lasts more than three months applies, the most common chronic conditions patients struggle with are cancer, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, thyroid issues, and arthritis.

“Chronic condition management isn’t just addressing a health issue and providing medication or advice. It involves developing an in-depth, personalized health care plan that best helps individual patients.”

While patients, understandably, want a cure-all for ailments, it can be a challenging, uphill battle dealing with these conditions. But WestsideMed intends to make this painful, often tedious process as easy and pleasant as possible. And WestsideMed doctors and medical professionals take every variable into account when treating patients with various conditions.

A solid chronic condition management plan involves the patient divulging medical history. Whether it’s a family history of diabetes or cases of cystic fibrosis on the maternal side, WestsideMed hones its plans to address every patient’s needs.

This is where the importance of primary care comes in. With primary care, a doctor does a comprehensive exam of a patient. The same goes for
WestsideMed’s chronic condition management program. Sometimes a good, old-fashioned physical exam can divulge much-needed medical information.

More Services With WestsideMed in Atlanta

Not only does WestsideMed provide exceptional urgent care in Atlanta, but they do everything from X-rays to strep throat testing, too.

With strep throat testing, especially during the age of COVID-19, WestsideMed takes every precaution to ensure patients know if they’re dealing with a bout of strep throat or virulent disease.

“We provide definitive strep throat testing to patients. Two strep throat tests will put patients at ease and have them recovering quickly.”

The two tests, a rapid results test, and the other involving lab results help doctors diagnose the throat condition and provide antibiotics for the patient.

“Although helpful, the rapid strep test may not be positive, even with strep throat. In that case, it’s a good idea for an urgent care doctor to take a throat culture.”

The throat cultures are a more definitive test that points to strep throat. If doctors are unsure if the rapid test is reliable on a case-by-case basis, they will request a throat culture.

“With throat cultures, doctors take a swab and apply it to infected areas, like the tonsils. Doctors also swab around rashes and other reddened areas on the roof of the mouth and throat.”

Collecting and analyzing the throat culture via swab can take some time for results. However, it’s more important than ever to be sure about a medical diagnosis. And at WestsideMed, doctors take no chances, especially with COVID-19 and its variants on the loose.

“The throat culture is a much more comprehensive test, allowing for a more detailed and definitive result. While rapid strep throat tests are ideal for their simplicity and speed, they may not be enough. Medical professionals send the swab to the laboratory for results.”

Strep throat testing is but one of the many services WestsideMed provides. Both with primary care and urgent care in Atlanta.

Solve Medical Issues with WestsideMed

It has never been easier to address pressing medical issues than right now. With a significant focus on the health industry and its effect on Americans, WestsideMed, and its emphasis on primary and urgent care in Atlanta, makes a huge difference.

More About WestsideMed

WestsideMed is a primary care and urgent care provider in Atlanta, Georgia.

Doctors and medical professionals aim to help patients all over the Atlanta area by offering a safe environment for everyone.

For more information about the services WestsideMed provides, visit the website at https://www.westsidemedatl.com/

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