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Esteves and the team at WestsideMed help patients find medical solutions

The noted Atlanta urgent care clinic serves as a bastion for patients who need urgent physical injury treatment, whether from a fall or overuse

At WestsideMed, patients who experience a sudden injury can get expert advice from our Atlanta primary care and urgent care providers”
— Ariel Esteves

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, January 17, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Founded by Ariel Esteves, an emergency medicine and family nurse practitioner, Atlanta urgent care WestsideMed offers patients various vital services to ensure they’re living their healthiest life possible.

With a team of trusted urgent care doctors and board-certified medical professionals, Esteves aims to help Atlanta residents find a more accessible, stress-free solution to long ER wait times.

Urgent care centers like WestsideMed can help patients with non-life-threatening injuries or illnesses that require prompt attention but do not require the extensive resources of an emergency room.

Some classic examples of conditions that can be treated at the Atlanta urgent care include minor cuts, sprains, broken bones, flu-like symptoms, and ear infections.

Urgent cares generally have shorter wait times and lower costs than emergency rooms, making them a convenient and cost-effective option for many patients.

Additionally, many urgent care centers are open for extended hours and weekends, making them more accessible than primary care physicians. WestsideMed and Ariel Esteves want patients to treat pressing emergencies in the comfort of a welcoming environment, away from the stress of an ER.

A way Esteves and her team of medical professionals aim to help patients, along with exams and treatment, is through education.
Preventing Injuries With Atlanta Urgent Care WestsideMed
The Atlanta urgent care specializes in everything from EKG readings to treating sprained ankles. As such, the experts often shed light on common injuries and how to prevent them.

In its blog, which covers numerous health topics and how WestsideMed can help alleviate medical pressure, WestsideMed offers invaluable answers.

In a recent piece titled ‘Going Easy On Yourself: What Is An Overuse Injury?’ the Atlanta urgent care performs a deep dive into overuse injuries, their causes, and solutions patients can seek.

Not only does the team at WestsideMed go over the black and white of overuse injuries, but more preventative measures to help avoid such injuries in the future.

“An overuse injury, also known as a repetitive strain injury or overuse syndrome, is caused by repeating the same movement or activity repeatedly.

These injuries show up in people who engage in activities that require repetitive motion, such as athletes, musicians, and office workers.

And drawing from the vast experience of patients with various degrees of overuse injuries, Esteves explains more. “Overuse injuries can affect any part of the body, but they are most commonly seen in the shoulders, wrists, hands, and knees.”

Indeed, overuse injuries are pretty standard, particularly among athletes and individuals who engage in physical activities or have repetitive jobs.

According to a 2018 study, overuse injuries account for almost half of all sports injuries in children and adolescents. These types of injuries can also occur in people who work in jobs that involve repetitive motions, such as typing, assembly line work, and construction.

Overuse injuries can occur in any part of the body but are more common in the lower extremities, such as the knee, ankle, and foot, and the upper extremities, such as the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand.

“Treatment for an overuse injury typically involves a combination of rest, physical therapy, and medications. The specific treatment plan will depend on the injury’s severity and the affected body part,” says Esteves.

With helpful tips about overcoming overuse injuries, Esteves and WestsideMed double down on committing to helping patients survive and thrive.

Preventing Cold Weather Injuries In Atlanta, Georgia

Another detailed piece on the WestsideMed blog is ‘Cold Weather Injuries In Atlanta: A Prevention Guide.’

The winter temperatures in Atlanta, Georgia, can vary. But generally, the city experiences mild to cool temperatures during the winter months. The average low temperature in December, January, and February, the coldest months, is around freezing point (32°F), and the average high temperature is around 50-55°F.

It’s also important to note that while Atlanta’s winter temperatures are mild compared to other parts of the country, the city can experience occasional cold snaps where temperatures may dip below freezing for a few days.

This is why specific cold weather injuries can be deceptive and dangerous during the winter months, explains Esteves. All there needs to be is a severe cold snap, and someone could take a painful fall on a slippery surface or experience the symptoms of hypothermia. Even if one isn’t hunkering down from the bitter cold in Atlanta, Esteves’s medical tips are sage wisdom for anyone in the country dealing with uncomfortably cold temperatures.

“You already have enough to worry about with flu season; don’t let these possible injuries sideline you…with icy surfaces comes the high risk of slipping and falling. As such, slips and falls result in fractures, bruises, concussions, and more. If a fall is severe enough, you can even find yourself in the hospital for a few days. Everyone is susceptible to a nasty slip and fall, so it’s crucial to be ready.”

Esteves goes on to explain how being mindful can save one from pain.

“An excellent way to deal with ice is by wearing winter boots with great treads, reducing your chances of slipping and falling. A good pair of boots could mean the difference between getting an x-ray in Atlanta or not.”

And, while Esteves and her team want individuals to remain safe from falls, WestsideMed has Atlanta residents covered with urgent care X-rays if the worst comes to pass. These X-rays, provided by experienced medical professionals, are quick and easy.

“Luckily for Atlanta residents who need to learn more about possible injuries and ailments, urgent care x-rays are available at WestsideMed,” says Esteves.

“…the WestsideMed urgent care clinic offers patients various services, from lab services to COVID-19 testing in Atlanta. You can simply walk into the WestsideMed clinic for sudden injuries and receive an x-ray to determine an injury’s severity.”

Visiting Atlanta Urgent Care WestsideMed For Medical Solutions

Through medical tips, expertise, and a winning bedside manner, Esteves and her team of medical experts show time and time again that they’re able and willing to rise to the occasion. In short, a patient, whatever their condition, can find solutions and comfort at the Atlanta urgent care.

“Working with a healthcare provider to determine the best treatment plan for your specific overuse injury is essential. When you meet with an urgent care or primary care doctor in Atlanta, it’s important to follow the recommended treatment plan. This ensures a full recovery and prevents further damage,” states Esteves.

“At WestsideMed, patients who experience a sudden injury can get expert advice from our Atlanta primary care and urgent care providers.”

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