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ATLANTA, GA, USA, November 22, 2022 / — A company that has been focusing mainly on online operations, Atlanta Tree Service Experts, earlier today announced that they will give the same focus to office operations.

The CEO revealed that the company offices had not been functioning on a 24/7 schedule, mostly because of a shortage of office personnel. He added that the company decided to extend office working hours due to the increased number of homeowners visiting the offices.

“For the longest time now,” said the CEO, “Atlanta Tree Service Experts has been opening the offices for only 7 hours a day. While starting the company, the team thought that 7 hours would be enough to serve all the clients that choose to make their bookings through the office. This method remained very effective for the first 4 years since most people were discovering the company through the internet hence only countable people visited the office. As time went by, Atlanta Tree Service Experts gained popularity among homeowners in Atlanta and its suburbs, and the number of people visiting the offices increased. This pushed the company to extend the office hours, but inadequate of office administrators hindered the company from taking any step. However, from tomorrow no homeowner will go home unserved after visiting the office at any time of the day, as the company has now hired more than enough office administrators.”

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The CEO revealed that Atlanta Tree Service Experts had been using its office administrators as tree care specialists after the offices were closed. He then confirmed that the company had recruited more tree care professionals to end this narrative.

“When the company started,” explained the CEO, “the minimum requirements for anyone joining the company were a tree care certificate, and 4 years of experience taking care of trees. This applied to even the office administrators. Atlanta Tree Service Experts did this to save the coins that would have otherwise been used to recruit employees for different niches in the company. After the 7 hours in the office, the administrators would join their colleagues in the field to offer tree care services. To save them from overworking, the company recruited more tree care specialists while recruiting more office administrators. This was very essential as with the 24/7 office schedule, the company expects to receive more bookings.”

The CEO made it clear that homeowners can make any tree care service requests at the office. He also assured clients to receive maximum care at the office.

“Atlanta Tree Service Experts is a master of all tree care services,” said the CEO. “Therefore, homeowners in Atlanta and the entire neighborhood can freely place any booking of their wish at the offices. They can also use the offices as a medium of passing their reviews to the company’s management. They also shouldn’t fear facing office administrators, as they are all well-trained in dealing with people. The offices are also designed in a way to make everyone that walks in feel comfy and at home.”

The CEO did not forget to urge people to take advantage of the 24/7 available phone number, email address, and website in case of emergency booking.
“Despite of the new office schedule,” said the CEO, “making a call, sending an email, or leaving your request at the company’s website remains unbeaten in case of an emergency. This is because the three will save the time you’d have used to visit the office, and the company will use that time to come and save the trees.”

Atlanta Tree Service Experts is located at 805 Antone St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318, United States. Homeowners can also reach out to the company at +1 404-224-9458 and

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