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ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, December 13, 2021 / — PRADA U SWEETIE is a unique venue offering a platform for artists, businesses, and a sundry clientele to promote their products. According to entrepreneur and founder Kai Patterson, who owns and operates the company, “PRADA U SWEETIE is a Public Benefit Corporation that directly serves the world through the creative lens to create economic and cultural value to nurture community via in-person and virtual experiences.

The twenty-something business whiz realizes that women are often overlooked—especially women of color. Black women have been shunned in the workplace, mainly by corporate America. In light of that, African American women have decided to pick up the mantle, put on their CEO hats, and open their own businesses. Mr. Patterson has chosen to target this demographic grouping in a quest to help them have their voices heard. “The goal is to open up both opportunities and safe spaces for creatives throughout the world, and I choose to make space for women both because it’s necessary for the community and it’s just what is most natural and right to me.”

A recent article published In Forbes Magazine states, “Black women represent 42% of new women-owned businesses—three times their share of the female population—and 36% of all Black-owned employer businesses.” The time is now for women of color to emerge on the business stage. PRADA U SWEETIE is ready to help them move to the next level through networking parties and integral connections.

Regarding their services, PRADA U SWEETIE promises to deliver. “It all begins with the pulse. The heart of your story grabs the consumer. And above the consumer in the community. That’s where we come in; connecting brands with the most authentic audience best suited for them,” says savvy entrepreneur Kai Patterson.

PRADA U SWEETIE has a debut experience with Odyssey Lounge West Midtown on December 20th of this year. The venue targets Black women, primarily 25 and above. Those who are educationally inclined and new emerging executives across music, fashion, tech, and assorted creative industries. Patrons will find a haven to debrief and exhale.

This event is designed for those seeking a creative outlet for freedom of expression that transcends all social, economic, and spiritual boundaries.

For more information, please contact; Shyne at Phone: 470-836-6275 or or

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