Comparison of the number of Dentists in Georgia vs. those with an Active Conscious Sedation Permit

A patient experiences the advanced IV sedation dentistry at Atlanta Dental Spa.

As a leader in exclusive IV sedation dentistry, Atlanta Dental Spa offers unparalleled patient care and comfort across all five Georgia locations.

Our commitment to offering sedation dentistry across all our locations underlines our dedication to patient comfort and the importance of accessible, anxiety-free dental care.”
— Dr. Peter Boulden | Founder and Co-Owner

BROOKHAVEN, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, March 21, 2024 / — Atlanta Dental Spa is proud to acknowledge its recognition as part of the select group of dental practices in Georgia, standing among the 4% of dentists licensed to provide IV conscious sedation dentistry. With this service available across all five of its locations in the greater Atlanta area, the premiere dental practice is at the forefront of offering more productive and anxiety-free dental care, creating patient experiences that provide the utmost comfort and relaxation during their dental procedures.

A report released by the Georgia Department of Health, which uses data supplied by the Georgia Board of Dentistry, underscores the rarity and specialized nature of sedation dentistry within the state. The report states Georgia was home to 5,515 actively licensed dentists, servicing an extensive population with a wide range of dental needs. However, a deeper dive into the licensing specifics reveals a notable distinction in the field of sedation dentistry.

The data on active licensees in the dental workforce highlights a significant figure: out of the thousands of licensed dental professionals in the state, only 243 hold Conscious Sedation Permits. This striking statistic places Atlanta Dental Spa within an exclusive group of dental practices, specifically in the top 4% of all Georgia dentists, authorized to offer IV sedation services.

This distinction is a testament to Atlanta Dental Spa’s commitment to providing the highest standards of patient care. It also highlights the rigorous training, expertise, and licensing required to offer such specialized services. IV sedation demands a level of precision, skill, and safety measures that few dental practices can offer.

Atlanta Dental Spa’s IV sedation dentistry provides patients with a deep, yet fully controllable level of sedation. This option is ideal for those undergoing extensive dental procedures or who experience significant dental anxiety, allowing them to undergo treatment in a state of relaxation. IV sedation offers the advantage of adjustable depth of sedation, rapid onset, and the ability for patients to have little to no memory of the dental procedure, making it a highly preferred option for a stress-free dental experience.

IV sedation stands out as an exceptional choice not only for complex oral surgeries but also for patients looking to efficiently complete multiple dental procedures in one session. By allowing for multiple treatments to be conducted simultaneously under IV sedation, patients can efficiently achieve optimal oral health, significantly reducing the overall time and number of visits required. This makes IV sedation an invaluable option for those looking to maximize their time while minimizing discomfort and anxiety during dental treatments.

Atlanta Dental Spa’s ability to perform sedation dentistry is due to a dental care team of compassionate professionals dedicated to providing personalized, stress-free dental experiences. Their state-of-the-art facilities, combined with the team’s expertise in sedation dentistry, ensure that every visit is comfortable, safe, and tailored to meet the individual needs of patients.

“Our commitment to offering sedation dentistry across all our locations underlines our dedication to patient comfort and the importance of accessible, anxiety-free dental care,” said Dr. Peter Boulden, founder and co-owner, at Atlanta Dental Spa. “By providing a range of sedation options, we ensure that all our patients can achieve a healthy, beautiful smile in a manner that respects their comfort and eases their fears.”

IV sedation dentistry is a key aspect of their compassionate dental care, designed to alleviate the common fears and anxieties patients often feel about dental appointments. Atlanta Dental Spa provides a variety of sedation methods, such as IV sedation, oral sedation, and nitrous oxide, to accommodate individuals with differing degrees of dental discomfort, guaranteeing a serene and relaxing visit.

Atlanta Dental Spa represents the pinnacle of dental excellence in the Atlanta area, offering a wide range of dental services designed to cater to every patient’s needs in an environment built around comfort and relaxation. With five convenient locations, this practice is dedicated to transforming the dental experience, providing innovative care that prioritizes patient comfort and health.

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