Sage Hill is a visionary empowering black woman to elevate their voices.

Sage Hill, an Atlanta businesswoman, is leading to black women to empower their voices by bringing top talent to inspire, including Janora Brown of The Voice.

We’re all human. We’re all people. We all deserve to be treated with respect; we all deserve to be heard.”
— Sage Hill

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, September 1, 2022 / — Sage Hill, proudly announces the launch of The Soulcial Sage, a black female-owned business that is changing the narrative on women of color nationwide. Sage Hill is a bold entrepreneur, podcaster, and emerging thought leader in the Atlanta community, offering her services as a motivational speaker, empowerment curator, and certified life coach.

As Woman’s Equality Day was celebrated on August 26th, 2022, it is due time to acknowledge the inequities that black women face. Sage Hill intends to address these inequities by rejecting the negative stereotypes assigned to black women. Sage confronts the ‘angry black woman label’ and clarifies that “using your voice does not equate to being angry”. Sage uses her voice. She is not the angry black woman; rather she is a proud woman of color who speaks her truth, will not be labeled, and is here to help her fellow sisters of color to feel confident in speaking their truth as well.

“The Soulcial Sage understands how the negative stereotypes and silenced trauma can inevitably lead to shame”. Hill is the first to acknowledge she has a mission of reshaping negative narratives and stereotypes that have plagued women of color, namely black women like herself, for centuries. “These narratives resonate within our hearts”, Hill states, “I am okay being my authentic self. We have to reject the notion that we must be the representative for who others feel we should be and embrace who we truly are”.

Black women often struggle with feeling silenced in the corporate world fearing they will be labeled as “angry” or passed over for promotions. In the 1990s Sage endured this double-edged sword within the corporate world. However, what separates Sage Hill exemplifies this fact. At various points in her corporate life through conversations with Executives, including CEOs and leaders in different companies, she refused to be silenced. She speaks truth to power and, in her words, “I am no respecter of a person. We’re all human. We’re all people. We all deserve to be treated with respect; we all deserve to be heard.”

Georgia is the sixth worst state for women’s equality. “The gender gap in health and survival is evident in maternal mortality rates but more broadly is largely related to issues of race and class”.

Sage Hill the CEO and Founder of The Soulcial Sage LLC is here to make a profound impact on all women of color to ensure that as a collective you know you are enough. The Soulcial Sage is here to take away the pretense that women of color are less than, their reputations disheveled, or them having to live up to someone else’s standards.

In Sage Hill’s words, she defines The Soulcial Sage as “Zin with a kick” and that ‘kick’ is the voice of Sage Hill and all women of color. To learn more about Sage Hill please visit her website The Soulcial Sage and stay abreast of her upcoming ‘Launch Event on Saturday, October 15th, 2022, with a special performance by John Legend’s pick from The Voice Season 21, Janora Brown.

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