Sage Hill, proudly announces the launch of The Soulcial Sage, a black female owned business in Atlanta, GA that is changing the narrative on women of color nationwide.

The Soulcial Sage is a movement to rewrite the narrative about black women – for us and by us.

We are not the stereotypes that were assigned to us, we are women of substance.”
— Sage Hill

ATLANTA, GA, USA, September 1, 2022 / — Sage Hill is the CEO and Founder of The Soulcial Sage and is determined to make a bold impact on the lives of women of color. As we continue throughout life in our habitual routines from one day to the next, slowly society is crippling and causing an invisible traumatic scar that is everlasting on women of color. As women we must unite and fight against the perils that otherwise derail us and push us back as a collective.

Sage was not born to the name Sage Hill; however, as a society we all transform in various manners. Sage Hill did not allow her obstacles, challenges, or trauma define her. Rather, she prevailed and owned these experiences as she led with her soul and stepped into her resilient power.

Sage Hill provides a platform with The Soulcial Sage podcast. This was created for women of color, namely black women, as a place where we can honor our voices, share our stories, and discuss the real issues that impact us. The Soulcial Sage was created as a place for clarity, wisdom, and empowerment. The Soulcial Sage is a movement to rewrite the narrative about black women – for us and by us. Sage Hill, the Founder of The Soulcial Sage states, “We are not the stereotypes that were assigned to us, we are women of substance”.

Sage reminds us that we do not need to tear one another down. Yet, on the contrary we need to lift each other up. As we are going through one of the most historic pivotal moments in history with the overturning of Roe v. Wade, women of color are disproportionately at the end of this tragic ruling. The implications of an abortion restriction for Black women in Georgia could be dire. According to Capital B Atlanta, in 2019, Black women made up 65% of the state’s abortions. The Soulcial Sage is based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

Sage Hill has risen from the feelings of hopelessness, oppressive relationships, negative opinions, and misconstrued perceptions. Promoting inner peace, stress free living, and a peaceful life, the Soulcial Sage is bigger than its founder, because it stands for and promotes black women being worthy of honor, respected, loved, and adored. Sage Hill has made it her purpose to ensure that women of color be accepted and acknowledged without using derogatory or defamatory words. Ultimately the woman is in control. She sets boundaries and speaks from her soul, which is positive energy and peace which surrounds her.

A Psychology major, Sage believes that understanding the negative patterns that hold you back is the first step in releasing the bonds that control your life. Once you understand these patterns you have the keys to unleash a bold new version of yourself. Connect with Sage Hill and learn more about her individual Life Mapping sessions. Life Mapping is a complete review of persistent and negative patterns in your life. It focuses on identifying things that you are aware of that have impacted you, leaving you feeling hurt, empty, and alone. You will not walk away stuck in a repetitive cycle of repeating patterns that don’t serve your best interests. Instead, you will walk away feeling whole.

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