Angelic Moore officially announced her Republican candidacy for State Senate District 6 in the 2022 election.

Angelic Moore Announces Her Candidacy For Georgia Senate District 6

Angelic Moore officially announced her Republican candidacy for State Senate District 6 in the 2022 election. This district is comprised of 48% of Cobb County and 52% of Fulton County. Moore, 47, a 24-year resident of Buckhead, was primarily raised in Cobb County. Moore attended Pine Mountain Middle School and North Cobb High School, Chattahoochee Technical College, and Kennesaw State College before transferring to the Georgia State University (GSU) Honors Program. She received a bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a concentration in Law. Later, she obtained certification as a mediator in conflict management for workplace disputes from the Justice Center of Atlanta.

As a founding member of the GSU Honors College Board of Visitors, Moore currently works with students and faculty at GSU, and Moore operates her own Atlanta business and political consulting company. She is a 22-year citizen advocate for plaintiff workers compensation attorneys who help injured workers with legal claims. She serves as the governor’s appointee on the Board of Dispensing Opticians as the consumer member.

“I am running to represent the citizens of state Senate District 6 because I know and understand what we, the hardworking citizens, face every day with burdens of crime and tax rates. My other concerns include good publicly available educational systems, fair elections, quality of life, and too often lack of responsive elected representation.”

“I lived through the recession of the early 1980’s and know how it feels to lose nearly everything. My family went from owning a townhome and a second home, to selling every piece of furniture and moving into an 18-foot camper trailer with five people living in it, (where we stayed for four and half years until we were financially able to recover enough to buy a single-wide mobile home, then, some years later bought a house in downtown Kennesaw). I am thankful that we were able to financially recover and proud of my parents for their hard work to make it happen. And, I will be forever thankful to Cobb County for the amenities and for offering one of the best educations a child could receive.”

“Along with understanding financial hardship, I know the value of hard work. I began working at 14 years old and, in the summers, held two jobs. I walked to work. It is horrible in our current society that hardworking people do not feel safe in their own homes or walking alone in their neighborhoods, much less to walk any distance to work. I believe that people have the right to local, fair, and equal representation and that their concerns must be heard and addressed. For this reason, I favor a vote to allow citizens to consider how they want to be governed or any matter that a body of citizens of a community bring forth as a local ballot measure.”

“I have the institutional knowledge to make vital differences for our community, from our elders to our youth (our future), under our gold dome. I will work for every constituent’s support, and it will be my privilege to meet as many people in our district as possible, be available and responsive with complete transparency.”

“In honor of and to quote our dear friend, The Honorable Johnny Isakson, I look forward to meeting “Friends and future friends.”

“I am encouraging all citizens of State Senate District 6 to contact me with questions or concerns. I look forward to speaking with you, and I am asking for and would appreciate your vote. Thank you.”

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