Participants of the conference emphasized that people must know the truth that in the coming decades all of humanity may be swept away by cataclysms unless the entire humanity undertakes joint efforts to overcome this enemy.

Global Crisis. Our Survival is in Unity | International Online Forum Aired on November 12, 2022

At the conference, there was an appeal to climate scientists who defend the anthropogenic factor, to step over their pridefulness and talk about the real causes of climate change.

“Global Crisis. Our Survival Is in Unity”, and proposed shift from consumerist society to creative one, incorporating of the 8 pillars of the Creative Society.

For the first time you will learn about the causes, consequences, and solutions to the major problems of our time.”

ATLANTA, GA, USA, January 7, 2023 / — On Saturday, November 12, 2022, the international online forum “Global Crisis. Our Survival Is in Unity” was held, featuring simultaneous interpretation in 150 languages spoken by approximately 90% of the world’s population. The forum focused on finding solutions to the global crisis, including a proposed shift from a consumerist society to a creative one through the incorporation of the 8 pillars of the Creative Society into the constitutions of every country and the alignment of legislation with the revised constitutions. The forum also suggested the introduction of self-government and the creation of an e-voting platform to allow politicians to implement the will of citizens rather than exercise power.

During the forum, it was announced that in 1998, the Earth’s core had abruptly shifted, causing the planet’s rotation to accelerate. According to a mathematical model developed by a team of scientists, the terminal date for the destruction of the Earth without the implementation of the Creative Society is October 2036. The model, which is based on publicly available data, predicts that by 2028, the conditions for human life on Earth will be almost unbearable.

US politician and 2020 presidential candidate Robby Wells, who will announce whether he will run in the 2024 US presidential election by January 1, 2023, gave a speech at the forum in which he stated that the cornerstone of his campaign, if he chooses to run, will be the building of the Creative Society. He believes that the 8 pillars of the Creative Society, which were formulated by the people themselves, will guarantee a secure, stable, comfortable, and happy life for all people.

Other topics discussed at the forum included global climate event monitoring and eyewitness accounts, data manipulation in databases, the state of the Earth’s core and its cosmic destabilizing impact on the solar system, the state of the environment, the benefits of the Creative Society, self-government, economics, technology, and healthcare in the Creative Society, fuel-free energy generators, and two films: “Diary of the Last Man” and “A Housewife’s Story.”

The international online forum “Global Crisis. Our Survival Is in Unity” was a unique event, being the largest in the world with simultaneous interpretation into 150 languages. It was organized by volunteers from 180 countries on the independent platform of the Creative Society Project and was broadcast live on various platforms around the world. This was the 8th global forum initiated and implemented by volunteers.

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