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American Charities Today, Inc – ACTgive tells stories about selected U.S.-based nonprofit organizations to encourage donations and volunteerism to them.

We encourage readers to email to info@actgive their suggestions for nonprofits to be featured in the daily Facebook posts of American Charities Today, Inc. – ACTgive.”
— Tony Tortorici

CANTON, GEORGIA, USA, November 14, 2022 / — American Charities Today, Inc – ACTgive has announced the launch of its Facebook page today as the first step in its mission to tell the stories of and spread the word about selected USA-based non-profit organizations to help increase awareness, volunteerism, and donations to them.

According to Tony Tortorici, founder of ACT, the page features at least one non-profit organization daily to appeal to its readers and encourage their donations and volunteerism.

“With nearly two-million registered charities, the United States is filled with some of the world’s most generous people,” Tortorici said. “Annual private philanthropy in the U.S. leads the world with 1.44% of its GDP going to charities, almost twice the percent of GDP donated by Canada which is in second place.
Then comes Korea, Singapore and Italy. Nonprofits need volunteers almost as much as they do money, so our appeal to Americans is to give their time and talents as well as a treasure to the charities that interest them and are doing the most good.”

Tortorici explained that ACT’s featured charities will come from a wide variety of nonprofit categories such as animals, arts and culture, education, environment, families, healthcare, veterans, and more.

“We encourage readers to email ACT at with their suggestions for nonprofits to be featured in the daily Facebook posts of American Charities Today, Inc. – ACTgive,” he said. “We also urge Facebook members to ‘follow’ us, ‘like’ our posts, and forward them to their friends, family and associates.

“Everything has a story. Tell it well and people will embrace it. That’s what I see for non-profits large and small. ACT will tell their stores in compelling, entertaining, educational and inspirational ways to generate increased awareness, contributions, and volunteerism,” Tortorici said. “Eventually, we’ll be doing podcasts, videos and other social media to tell these stories. This is just the beginning.”

To help accomplish its mission, ACT is accepting applications for overall and category sponsorships as well as daily advertising. “Interested organizations should contact us at,” said Tortorici.

About the Founder
Tony Tortorici is a semi-retired veteran public relations executive. He launched his career as a reporter for United Press International before moving to WEWS-ABC/TV as a news reporter/editor. He then entered public relations, serving as vice president of public relations for Cleveland-Cliffs, KFC, and Coca-Cola USA and as senior vice president of marketing at Ogilvy & Mather PR International before launching his own firm, Tortorici & Randolph Inc., which became one of the largest independent public relations and marketing agencies based in Atlanta at that time.

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