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Amazon A9 algorithm for search engines brings to light the necessity of high quality product photography. Don’t let Low quality pictures harm sales.

The A9 Amazon Algorithm shows how high quality images play a vital role. I let my product photography skills speak for my work while creating professional product listings for Amazon stores.”
— Aarti- Professional Amazon Photographer

ATLANTA, GA, USA, July 6, 2022 / — For e-commerce, Amazon is one of the largest platforms allowing sellers to connect with millions of buyers. As the popularity of online shopping is on the rise, sellers’ competition to make products visible is also getting fierce. Those who are just starting e-commerce and want to be the competition can benefit from Amazon’s product photography service. Images are one of the most critical aspects of Amazon listing.

The e-commerce giant has precise specifications for product images. The product images sellers use must be clear and high quality. EtherArts, a leading Amazon photographer Atlanta, offers 360° Amazon product photography services for sellers. According to Aarti “most beginners do not realize that using amateur mobile clicks of their products can impact their listings negatively. Often such product photographs are dull or blurry. Given the fact that 90% of Amazon buyers make the buying decision based on product photographs, sellers must invest in a good Amazon photographer Atlanta.” She further adds that poorly taken product photographs create a negative perception of one’s brand among the customers. It is essential to send a clear message about a product with the best product images.

What are Amazon product image guidelines? EtherArts Product Photography Atlanta follows these rules while creating images worth a successful sale.

Amazon has clear guidelines about what kind of product images should be there. Images must accurately represent the product that one is selling. The image should be high-quality enough for all the product features to be visible. In several case studies, marketing experts have found that Amazon prefers listings with a pure white background as it highlights the product without being too distractive. Unless necessary, one should avoid using props with the main product. One should try ghost mannequin product photography if one sells apparel and use mannequins for the pictures.

The main product image must be of professional quality, whether one is using graphics, illustrations, or mockups. Avoid using text, logos, or watermarks on the main product image. Also, any excluded accessories are props that might confuse the buyer in the main product image. The photos of a product should meet its title and must not be misguiding.

If the product requires zoom to see its features clearly, the images should be 1600 pixels or more significant. This is the minimum size requirement for the zoom function to work on Amazon. Professional Amazon Photographer can help sellers create top-quality images without exceeding the limit of 10,000 pixels. Product images can be in JPEG, TIFF, or GIF file formats. However, experts suggest JPEG product images are the best as they provide the highest quality and minimum possible size. Sellers must not use animated GIFs because Amazon does not support animated product images.

Amazon A9 Algorithm

A9 is the name of a search engine algorithm that Amazon uses to give results for searches. It has grown more complex over time. Sellers must understand the A9 algorithm, which provides them with enough data to consider when optimizing their products for rankings. This algorithm is an AI-based framework that ranks products based on the relevant information, including product images. When a buyer searches for a product on Amazon, the A9 algorithm matches the searcher’s intent with product content and evaluates product images to provide the best and most relevant results. One will lose ranking in search results if one does not use the appropriate product images. One of the best ways to rank for a search on Amazon is to use all the available image space for a product listing.

Use all the available image space

According to Aarti, “Sellers must take advantage of all the image space Amazon allows for a product listing. You are allowed to upload a full set of seven images, and I recommend that sellers should create seven high-quality images with some variety. The goal should be to provide as much information as possible with the images to potential buyers.”

For engagement, she recommends taking product images from multiple angles. If the product has a complicated operation, use models to help customers envision the features by looking at the pictures. Products that are shown in appropriate indoor and outdoor settings sell more. For some products such as electronics and appliances, infographics and overlaid dimensions can be used. The goal here is for buyers to understand the product better through images.
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