Through the program, the company’s aim is to help customers save thousands of dollars while getting peace of mind.

GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, September 21, 2022 / — ALM Cars is pleased to announce it is now offering an exciting manufacturer buyback program.

ALM Cars, also known as ALM Automotive Group, is an independent car dealership group that boasts fifteen years of success in Georgia, South Carolina, and St. Louis. The company’s mission is to bring the stressful car-shopping experience to clients’ mobile devices, laptops, and driveways without disappointment, which saves them valuable time from start to finish.

In the company’s most recent news, ALM Cars is bringing customer service to the next level with its highly anticipated manufacturer buyback program. According to the company, manufacturer buyback vehicles refer to the vehicles that a car manufacturer repurchases due to a customer complaint, back-ordered replacement part, or an issue. In such situations, an unsatisfied customer can influence the processing of a goodwill buyback. There are consumer-friendly laws in some states that authorize buybacks even if the car has not met the manufacturer’s standard specifications.

“Some consumers take advantage of the laws and ask for a higher payout than what they would get if they traded their car at a dealership,” says Daniel Salazar, Chief Marketing Officer of ALM Automotive Group. “Before reselling the car, the manufacturer checks the vehicle’s state and addresses any issues the car may have. The “Lemon Law” lays down the steps a manufacturer should take when repurchasing the vehicles from the owners. Fortunately, these vehicles continue to enjoy factory warranty coverage, unlike rebuilt cars that lose their warranty once they change their original form.”

“Over the years, customers have testified to the value of buyback vehicles, and we are confident in the service that a buyback will offer a customer,” Salazar continues. “Before making a purchase, we recommend the customers allow the car to undergo a professional inspection. A vehicle inspection report contains details of the vehicle’s state. All of our cars, pre-owned and buyback vehicles, have warranty coverage.

We trust that we offer quality vehicles to our customers and, therefore, we are open to repurchasing our vehicle from a customer should they change their mind, or the car experiences an issue. Anyone looking for a high-quality vehicle can consider getting a manufacture buyback and save thousands of dollars. In fact, the service that a manufacturer buyback vehicle will offer is similar to getting a good pre-owned vehicle. Come and visit our location at any time so we can explain this process in further detail.”

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About the Company

Founded in 2006, ALM Automotive Group is an independent used car dealership located in Atlanta, Georgia. Having started as just one dealership, the company quickly expanded and now has ten locations in Georgia, Missouri, and South Carolina. Specializing in great deals on quality new and pre-owned vehicles, ALM offers over 4,000 vehicles in their inventory, nationwide shipping, and a 5-day exchange policy.

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