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iApproveIt 1.0, a new free service/application that allows for real-time interactive approval and notification of watched or controlled events.

CONLEY, GA, US, September 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — iApproveIt 1.0, a free service/application that allows for the real-time interactive approval and notification of watched or controlled events via direct communication through an approver’s mobile phone or closely monitored chat apps like Microsoft Teams, Slack, RingCentral, WebEx and others.

The insertion of such control was previously cumbersome because it was performed via email which required the email receiver to respond before the process could continue which resulted in delays if the receiver was not currently at their desk to read and respond to the email. Furthermore, the receiver (or approver) could not guarantee that their approval or disapproval of the action was adhered to as emails can be lost, misinterpreted or even ignored. iDeployIt allows for local distributions and complex remote multi-server environment deliveries. Deployment Triggers provide business logic gates to control and configure at every phase of the deployment. iDeployIt integrates with all CM tools and build processes providing version control extraction, software building and post-delivery customization as part of any deployment

Though text messages provide usually faster responses, again the approver has no guarantee that their wishes are adhered to by the requesting user. Also, text-only based responses required that the requestor had the approver’s mobile number which is not always the desired case.

With iApproveIt, Real-Time Interactive Notifications can be sent directly to an approver’s phone or associated chat channels without having to know the approver’s mobile phone number or 3rd party chat application channel link and the approver’s wishes are automatically adhered to in real-time thus lowering process approval and real notification from minutes or hours to just seconds.

Approval request can be sent to multiple possible approvers with the final approval result based on those approvers “Majority” vote, “Unanimous” vote, “First responding” vote or “Objection”; Notification can be sent before or after controlled or watched action, all in real-time.

iApproveIt provides a straightforward method to insert real-time approvals in existing or new policy. The users you watch or control do not need to install any software or even sign-up for the service. The approvers can actively provide approvals or denials or just be notified of interested events or user actions.

“After watching for years clients struggle trying to implementing managerial approvals into their process via email with email’s inherent 2-hr to 2-day time lag (even before the pandemic), it became clear that a better method was needed. We solved this for a few clients before deciding to turn those efforts into a generally released product that anyone could use from Software Managers needing control of their Developers, HR Directors needing to approve HR processes, to parents needing to approve or notify home PC/laptop use for their children. We are glad to make this service available to vastly improve end-to-end process time for Software Development, DevOps deployments and non-commercial in-home child-safety family processes as well.” – Charles Clarke – A Better Solution, Inc.

The iApproveIt service is free to most users and available here: https://iapproveit.abs-consulting.com/iApproveIt.

iDeployIt is available on the following operating systems: Windows, HP-UX, SUN/Solaris, RedHat Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS, SUSE Linux, and AIX.

Read about the features of iApproveIt 1.0 here:


Version 1.0 began shipping on September 1, 2021.

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