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AA Steam & Entrepreneurship Academy envisions a future where its students are not only college-prepared but also life-ready.”
— Dr. Anton Anthony

AUGUSTA, GA, UNITED STATES, March 12, 2024 / — AA Steam & Entrepreneurship Academy: Charting a New Course for Education in Augusta Richmond County
In an unprecedented move, AA Steam & Entrepreneurship Academy has submitted a charter petition to revolutionize the educational landscape of Augusta Richmond County. Under Dr. Anthony’s innovative “Steampreneurship” model, the academy is poised to interlace the STEAM disciplines with entrepreneurship, crafting a curriculum that promotes holistic and applied learning.

Slated to welcome students in the 2025-2026 academic year, AA Steam & Entrepreneurship Academy aims to provide equitable, advanced educational opportunities to 4th through 8th graders. The long-term vision includes nurturing these students into high school, growing to serve grades up to 12th within five years. The curriculum promises to sculpt a generation of critical thinkers and leaders, equipping them to excel in a rapidly evolving society.

An Educational Renaissance: “Steampreneurship” at the Core
“Steampreneurship” embodies AA Steam & Entrepreneurship Academy’s unique approach to education. Merging rigorous arts and sciences with business acumen, the curriculum transcends conventional classroom boundaries. Students will tackle environmental sustainability projects and community enhancement initiatives, reflecting a profound commitment to societal progress.

The academy’s dedication to small class sizes and customized educational experiences will ensure that every student benefits from an education that celebrates their individuality. Leveraging modern technology and non-traditional assessment strategies, the school will emphasize the development of creativity, critical thought, and entrepreneurial skills.

A Visionary Path Forward for Augusta’s Youth
AA Steam & Entrepreneurship Academy envisions a future where its students are not only college-prepared but also life-ready. As we step into a world where the nature of work is continuously shifting, the academy’s graduates will be the navigators and pioneers of tomorrow.

“Steampreneurship” is more than a curriculum – it is a pledge to an all-encompassing, progressive educational experience. It is an invitation to the Augusta Richmond County School System and the wider community to adopt a dynamic educational model that marries the robust STEAM framework with entrepreneurial dynamism.

Igniting Curiosity and Driving Success
Anticipation builds as the educational community and local board consider this trailblazing proposal. To overlook such a forward-thinking educational approach would be to overlook the future itself. AA Steam & Entrepreneurship Academy is set to not only transform Augusta into a hub of modern education but to also establish new benchmarks for schools around the globe.

With plans to begin with a cohort of 150 students, the academy is prepared for steady growth, mirroring the developmental trajectory of its student body. It calls upon educators, families, and community stakeholders to join this groundbreaking educational endeavor.

About AA Steam & Entrepreneurship Academy
AA Steam & Entrepreneurship Academy, awaiting approval in Augusta, GA, aspires to be a beacon of modern education where STEAM meets entrepreneurial spirit. The academy is dedicated to preparing students for scholastic excellence and nurturing the innovative leaders of the future.

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