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Queen Of Abs Publishing presents a powerful and inspirational story of how hope and perseverance leads to victory on the field and off.

This book is going to inspire you to dream big!”
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ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, October 18, 2022 / — Author Santia Deck shares her amazing story from childhood through today, yielding success in athletics and business in More Than an Athlete ($15.99, paperback, 97982180712-2-6).

Doctors told Santia Deck’s mother to never sign her up for sports due to a scoliosis diagnosis. Doctors were wrong. Deck grew up to be a track and field collegiate athlete in addition to playing women’s professional football, making history by being offered the highest-paid contract in women’s football. However, that is not the end of Deck’s remarkable story. She made history once again by becoming the first female athlete to ever own a shoe company.

Deck launched the TRONUS shoe company, an innovative footwear brand, that has been experiencing impressive growth since its launch in 2020. Despite being started during the pandemic, she led TRONUS to record sales, receiving celebrity praise and a dedicated customer base. The company continues to expand today. Her lifelong story will resonate with readers that are looking for inspiration, whether to persevere from a diagnosis, participate in sports or launch a business venture. It’s a success story that is much needed in today’s world.

“This book is about my life journey from childhood to now,” said Santia Deck. “It talks about all of the trials and tribulations I had to go through to get to the point of making history twice, despite the odds.”

Santia Deck was born in Greenville, SC, and raised in Houston, TX. She currently resides in Atlanta, GA, and travels often. She has been running full speed throughout her life, always chasing after her childhood dream of success. Deck continues to work tirelessly to inspire others with her determination and passion, especially today’s youth, women, and anyone needing inspiration.

Besides being a history-making professional female football player and CEO of TRONUS, Deck is also a social media influencer with more than 2 million loyal and engaged followers. She is a published author, a fitness model, social media consultant, a public speaker, and a TV host. Deck also maintains her fitness trainer certification and offers a variety of services to celebrity clients and her wide-ranging community of online supporters.

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