New book from author David Viker

Author David Viker

Viker Leadership Publishing presents a must-have book for anyone who leads others in any capacity.

CANTON, GA, USA, August 30, 2022 / — Author David Viker guides readers with his proven successful leadership approach and shares an impressive repertoire of leadership roles in Wild Approach Leadership: Ideas On Leadership From A Wild Life ($15.99, paperback, 979-8218008949; $24.99, hardcover, 979-8218008956).

Viker knows what it takes to be a leader having spoken on the topic of leadership for nearly three decades. Whether it was meeting with members of Congress, directing several elementary school talent shows or preparing one dozen 3-year-olds for their first soccer game, he’s practiced many levels of leadership. And now, he has penned a leadership book that is different than most others. It’s not preachy but instead highly entertaining and written as a story. Readers will appreciate his leadership direction and gain practical and easily memorized lessons to lead a family, work team or sports team. In his well-researched book, Viker also draws from the experiences and wisdom of others, citing more than 100 authors and leaders from around the world, sometimes disagreeing with their leadership practices.

“A global pandemic changed life and work as we know it,” said Viker. “The largest, smartest, most diverse and best connected workforce in history is vastly different than just 20 years ago. We are more receptive to new ideas than ever before—and we communicate at historic levels through social media—but we rarely just talk and almost never deeply connect!”

At age 39, David Viker was hired by a government wildlife management agency to lead more than 800 employees while simultaneously managing more than $100 million in annual budgets across 10 states. Now, in his book, he draws on those “wild” experiences and the “wild” experiences from his childhood, as coach of 40+ youth sports teams and having three children born in three different decades. Largely through mistakes made and stories shared, Viker makes an entertaining case that a wildly different approach to leadership is what’s needed in our rapidly changing world.


Wild Approach Leadership: Ideas On Leadership From A Wild Life is available online through, and

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