Updated corporate and product branding provides greater alignment across its suite of solutions and empowers future expansion of programs and supports.

ROSWELL, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, May 7, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — 7 Mindsets, the leader in PreK-12 growth mindset and mental health learning solutions, today announced a rebranding for the company and for its mindsets, wellness, and measurement products. 7 Mindsets along with its flagship product offers whole class (Tier 1) mindset-based learning for student well-being is now fully aligned and integrated with its mental health platform, Base (Tier 2/3), along with its platform, Insights, for student measurement and growth.

The rebranding of 7 Mindsets and its products reflects the alignment of the company’s suite of multi-tiered solutions, including value-added product bundles, to effectively address the increasingly complex needs of schools and districts.

“7 Mindsets’ new unified brand and products represents the company’s commitment to continuous improvement and expansion of our school-based learning solutions,” said Mark Belles, CEO of 7 Mindsets. “Our holistic approach of offering world-class content and wrap-around implementation support delivers the return on investment our customers expect. From boosting student engagement, to reducing chronic absenteeism, to improving staff retention, we’re dedicated to driving measurable progress and success.”

With over 15 years of experience, 7 Mindsets brings both substance and soul to its work with students, educators, and school staff. The company’s proven track record, mindset-based and mental health curricula, and student measurement tools and resources have made the company a trusted partner to schools and districts across the country.

The School District of Beloit currently uses three of the company’s solutions and reports positive results. Kari Oscar, Coordinator of Specialized Behavior Supports for the district, said, “Within our school district, we’ve embraced multiple programs offered by 7 Mindsets to bolster the well-being of our students. This partnership has been pivotal in our efforts to create a nurturing environment where every individual feels supported and empowered to thrive. Working closely with us, the 7 Mindsets team helped craft school-specific plans for their programs to seamlessly integrate with our systems and frameworks. We’re committed to continuing this journey and leveraging these resources to drive positive outcomes across our district. “

For more information about 7 Mindsets, please contact John Fergus, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, at john.fergus@7mindsets.com.

About 7 Mindsets:
Founded in 2009, 7 Mindsets provides mindset-based and mental health learning solutions for schools and districts nationwide. The company offers multi-tiered curricula, professional development, and data measurement tools that empower growth, drive measurable impact, and ensure safe and supportive learning communities. Its highly effective programs have been shown to improve student engagement, behavior, and academic achievement and have been used by over 5 million students and educators in all 50 states.

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