New educator PD program to help improve teacher retention

ROSWELL, UNITED STATES, October 12, 2022 / — 7 Mindsets, a leading provider of PreK-12 social emotional learning (SEL) solutions, today announced the launch of its Empowering Educators adult SEL platform. The new online program will provide school and district staff members the opportunity to foster their own professional learning as well as increase positive dialogue and collaboration with colleagues, critical components to improving school climate and culture.

Empowering Educators™ offers self-paced courses, videos and resources, topical webinars, and other learning opportunities to restore school and district staff well-being as well as reignite educators’ passion and purpose for teaching. The adult SEL program was developed to reduce educator and staff stress, improve teacher retention, and help stabilize an instructional workforce still reeling from the lingering effects of a pandemic that shifted the education landscape.

“We understand that educator and staff well-being is essential to a healthy and positive school culture, and Empowering Educators will provide adults with self-paced and group opportunities to nurture their own well-being and strengthen their social and emotional skills,” said Scott Shickler, Co-Founder and CEO of 7 Mindsets.“ Educators and staff who take care of themselves can, in turn, take care of their students and help them achieve in school and beyond.”

The release of Empowering Educators enhances and expands 7 Mindsets’ adult SEL programming to meet a wide range of professional learning initiatives within a school or district. The adult SEL platform’s first course, “Building Your SEL Competencies,” includes ten lessons that are specifically developed for educators and staff who want to strengthen their social-emotional skills by learning more about themselves and developing strategies for personal practice.

The Empowering Educators platform is available now, with the first course and lessons to be added in late October. Additional course content is currently in development and will offer both self-paced learning and group-focused collaborative learning opportunities.

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Founded in 2009, 7 Mindsets is the only highly researched education company offering mindsets-based solutions proven to drive happier, healthier, and more successful outcomes for educators and students. These comprehensive PreK-12 programs include a digital curriculum in English and Spanish, professional learning, adult SEL, progress monitoring, and assessments to ensure educators can easily and effectively deliver 7 Mindsets in their classrooms. Proven to improve student engagement, behavior, and academic success, 7 Mindsets has supported millions of students and hundreds of thousands of educators in urban, suburban, and rural districts in all 50 states.

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