DG Insights Now Offers Proprietary HCAHPS Technology Directly to Local and Community Hospital Systems

CONYERS, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, April 18, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — DG Solutions has rebranded to DG Insights and launched a new, direct-to-provider, patient experience offering. The DG Platform has historically serviced the patient experience market as a white-labeled solution. In Q4 of 2023, DG Insights became a CMS-approved HCAHPS vendor to facilitate the expansion of its offering to include direct service to local and community hospitals. The new offering is a fast, secure, and cost-effective way for this market to remain compliant and allow the patient’s voice to drive decision-making.

The product design and launch were motivated by a year-long market research study concluding that some of the market was underserved. While robust offerings from large players exist, their design, packaging, and pricing are aimed at the largest health systems and hospitals. The study showed that local and community hospitals had unmet needs, particularly in the areas of response rates, customer service, and cost. As a small business competing fiercely in a market historically dominated by billion-dollar, publicly traded corporations, DG Insights is passionate about helping community hospitals even the playing field.

“The underlying technology and operational infrastructure were built to service the nation’s largest health systems,” said DG Insights CEO, Pooya Ghiaseddin, who is driving the company’s mission with the launch of the new brand. “DG Insights has married that same platform with automation, subscription-based packaging, and excellent customer service to deliver something truly unique in the market. The result is that providers of all sizes can benefit from innovations and capabilities previously only available to health systems with the deepest pockets.”

The new product will initially launch through the company’s vanguard program to a select group of qualified local community hospitals. These hospitals will have an opportunity to influence the packaging and service offerings before a broad-scale launch in Q3 of 2024.

DG Insights has quietly and securely serviced the healthcare industry with HCAHPS, MCAHPS, ICH CAHPS, HOS, PCF, ED CAHPS, and CG CAHPS solutions for nearly a quarter century. With this new launch, the company will expand the number of hospitals it can help, allowing it to reach and improve the experience of more patients every year.

About DG Insights
Founded as a commercial printer in the southeast of Atlanta, GA in 1980 DG Insights has evolved into the premier provider of experiential data and actionable insights within the healthcare industry. The organization’s 25,000-square-foot headquarters hosts a state-of-the-art print and mail facility, robust call center, and advanced electronic survey platform.
DG Insights has completed over 400 CMS audits and reaches nearly 60 million patients annually.


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