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Cotek Systems Inc, the company behind VatPay, have launched their affiliate marketing program, allowing users to Get Paid while spreading the word about VatPay.

All-in-One Billing, Invoicing, A/R and Accounting Software for B2B Businesses”
— VatPay

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, October 28, 2021 / — VatPay is pleased to announce the launch of a new affiliate program, enabling users to earn money for their content via current user referral and partner reseller programs.

The program now allows active marketers and influencers to monetize their online content by marketing VatPay to their audience through content like blog posts. Even though they will accept promotional methods like email, social media, or paid ads, their most successful affiliates use content marketing as their main promotion method. Other promotional methods like coupons and cashback are against their terms and conditions.

Kelvin Taku, Co-Founder and CEO of VatPay, stated: “Over the past couple of years, we been receiving a lot of requests from our partners about spreading the word about VatPay. This new affiliate program is an important step in satisfying the requests from our partners and influencers wishing to promote VatPay to their audience in exchange for a commission on sales generated. That is why we partnered with ShareASale to allow everyone to easily signup and start earning.”

VatPay Affiliate Program is now open for everyone to join. Affiliate marketers can join the VatPay Affiliate Program on ShareASale affiliate network and earn commissions when the audience they refer sign up and/or make purchases on the website. Affiliates and Influencers will be provided free tools and resources to help new Affiliates thrive with VatPay Affiliate Program.

There are three reasons that prompted VatPay to launch this new affiliate marketing program. The first reason was to build on the growing popularity of VatPay. The company has garnered tremendous success over the past couple of years and is focusing their attention on spreading the Billing and Invoicing solution to a wider audience with the goal of helping Small and Mid-sized Businesses and business professionals in new and various markets. In addition, this program would also allow affiliates to earn more money for their content. Finally, helping Entrepreneurs has always been their goal. This new affiliate program is a big part of the initiative. This is an opportunity for Entrepreneurs to grow their revenue by monetizing their content with minimal effort using track-able links from ShareASale.

In other to advance this initiative, VatPay launched a new Affiliate Marketing Division in their Atlanta’s Headquarters. The new Affiliate Marketing Department allows the company to dedicate part of their marketing team solely to building and nurturing new and existing affiliate relationships. In addition, part of the team is solely responsible for support and helping new Affiliates earn more for their hard-work.

VatPay understand that Affiliates go through a lot to promote their product and that’s why they partnered with ShareASale so that Affiliates get paid for every trial signup, as well as every upgrade to a paid plan. Their pricing range from $15 to $50/month. Enterprise customers starts from $500 to $3000/month. Affiliates and Influencers will get a 30% commission for each sale. With VatPay Affiliate, Affiliates will have the opportunity to earn up to $500 per sale, regardless of the location of their lead.

To learn more about becoming an affiliate partner, please visit

VatPay Billing and Invoicing software allows SMEs to create & Send invoices faster than any platform. VatPay helps SMEs organize their business in one place with powerful features like Recurring Billing, Project Management, Expense Management and many more. VatPay allows SMEs and their teams to track their time and convert their actual work hours into invoices. VatPay recently partnered with JP Morgan Chase Bank and launched a new Payment Gateway called VatPay Payments. The new payment gateway offers the lowest online Credit Card and eCheck Processing rates in the market. They also support several other payment gateways like Stripe, Authorize.Net and PayPal. VatPay Software also offers highly intuitive Accounting and Financial Reports to give SMEs a better picture of their business.

This All-in-One Billing, Invoicing, A/R and Accounting Software has been created for SMEs to increase business productivity, lower credit card & eCheck transaction rates and enhance collaboration among team members. To try VatPay visit

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