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Unal Patel outlines steps in app development and explains how the developer can make money.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, May 23, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Many things need to be considered before getting started with the development process, Unal Patel explains. Here are some steps to take to get started.

Plan the app

According to Unal Patel, developing an app starts with generating ideas about the tool. For example, using social listening to eavesdrop on people’s most common pain points in a particular industry. If the challenges are persistent, regular, and affect many individuals, they could be a source of ideas.

Planning app development once the idea is established. Consider what its use is and what pain point it is solving. Who is the audience, and how will its application appeal to them? Who will be the competitors in that specific sector or niche?

Decide how to create the app.

Next, determine how to develop the software. By choosing to start from the ground by creating wireframes, the back and end processes, and graphical interfaces. This method allows for customizable preferences.

Unal Patel adds that the second option is to use an app builder to handle the manual process. And this is ideal for beginner app creators.

Select the proper tool if settling for the first alternative.

If opting for customization, begin with a wireframe to build the app structure. Platforms like Axure and Microsoft can come in handy in taking care of wireframing. However, Unal Patel says to test each tool to see if they’re effective.

Design the application’s elements

The design aspects of the app include animations, graphics, color scheme, and logo. Design features are still critical, whether in the app builder or the process phase. Unal Patel suggests hiring an expert on online platforms for graphic designers to do this if there are uncertainties.

Build the front and back end of the app.

Things are getting complicated now. Develop the tool’s back end to enable the software to work correctly. Use an app builder if any experience is lacking. Next, create the tool’s front end – it’s the interface that people will see.

Put the app to the test.

Now that the application is developed, it’s time to test the final product on various devices. Also, be sure to ask different individuals in the niche or industry to test the app. The feedback provides information about what is needed to add, adjust or subtract.

Ensure that any glitches are solved before the app is rolled out.

After the app development

Unal Patel says that it is possible to earn an income from the app in the following ways.

In-app purchases

Affiliate marketing

Paid apps


Mixed monetization strategies

App adverts

The type of app that is built determines how to generate income. Subscription pricing models are perfect for Software-as-a-Service apps (SaaS), while gaming tools earn good money from in-app purchases on Google Play or Apple Store. Unal Patel adds that using advertisements can boost app revenue.

Finally, consider whether the app will fall under a free or paid subscription model.

Unal Patel joined Cisco after launching, growing, and selling a nonprofit app company with 3 friends. A company called NextApp Nonpro provided software that allowed nonprofits to collect contributions and feedback.

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