New tool provides simple score from complex franchisee performance metrics.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, May 10, 2022 / — Transitiv, makers of the breakthrough intelligence platform for franchise organizations, today announced the official launch of the Transitiv FIT™ platform. FIT™ stands for Franchise Intelligence Technology, and represents a paradigm shift in how franchisors and franchisees monitor, manage, and optimize their business performance. Transitiv’s proprietary FIT Score™ tracks the pulse of a franchise by aggregating the leading indicators of performance into a single meaningful and comparative metric, revealing the health of each franchise location – and the system as a whole. From revenue, marketing, customer acquisition, retention, and average spend, to operational resource allocation, hiring, and more, Transitiv unifies data from disparate systems and extracts the meaningful insights that reveal why a franchise location is succeeding or failing.

“Vendors create cute dashboards in an attempt to illustrate the effectiveness of their marketing channel, transaction tool, or finance system, but this just leads to a dozen data silos that reveal nothing about the real performance of the business, nor any actionable advice for how to improve” said Christian Pillat, Transitiv CEO and Co-Founder. “They’re basically just using reports to advertise for their products rather than actually helping a franchisee figure out how to be more successful”, he added. “Because we’re not a channel, we are comfortable aggregating data from across systems to provide a simple, reliable, and actionable platform for making good decisions. We compare locations across the network, identify best practices – from marketing, to staffing, to pricing, and beyond – and help every franchisee understand and implement those practices that are proven to create success” he concluded.

Transitiv focuses exclusively on network businesses (franchises in particular), because the products, services, pricing, and business operations are consistent across all franchisees. “It’s hard to compare one random florist to another; they market, price, inventory, deliver and conduct business in entirely different ways”, said Pillat. “In a franchise, however, while locations differ by market location and ownership, they also carry the same brand and basic business practices, which makes them easy to compare and contrast. By bringing together the data, aggregating and analyzing it to discover patterns, and revealing it to each location owner, we can help them identify the comparative difference-makers in their performance”, added Pillat. “Off-the-shelf business intelligence tools put the burden on the franchise to construct meaningful analysis. We provide it out of the box!”, he concluded. The Transitiv FIT™ platform has been in an early access beta since January, and in use by networks including the Gotcha Covered network of window treatment franchises.

“Our franchisees provide custom window treatments under our well-regarded Gothca Covered brand; they price and behave similarly, following the blueprint we’ve laid out from more than a decade of success” said Paul Linenberg, President of Gotcha Covered, “but they’re not the same. They each have latitude to take different actions in local marketing, local staffing, tool investment and more” Linenberg continued. “The question I get most often from my franchisees is what they can be doing to be better, across marketing channels, advertising investment, hiring and talent retention, sales practices and beyond. To give answers that aren’t just anecdotal, I need data”, he continued. “Transitiv’s FIT™ platform gives my franchisees a simple, easy-to-use tool to understand how they stack up with their peers, and what tangible actions they can take to get better; it’s a game changer in orchestrating and optimizing the performance of our business”.

Transitiv’s FIT™ platform took shape over the course of the last 4 years, as the team identified that a decision-making engine was far more useful to franchisees than another ‘automated’ marketing channel and accompanying reporting tool. Transitiv continues to add more data inputs into the platform and to simplify the recommended actions with automated and easily-executed alerts. Transitiv was born by a team living in the franchise business space. Pillat, the CEO, is a former franchisee himself, and understands first-hand the challenges a franchisee has implementing the right strategy within a single market, as well as the challenges the franchisor has curating a national/global brand. Most of the team also comes from a pedigree in the franchise market, and believes that through better business orchestration, actionable insights, and a more detailed understanding of customers, they can drive consistently better decisions for franchise businesses.

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Transitiv connects all business data from a franchisor’s systems, providing the franchise network with better business orchestration, actionable insights, a more detailed understanding of their customers, and consistently better decisions to support the continued growth of the franchise network. Transitiv was founded in 2018, and has been focused on the challenge of aggregating the typically-siloed data in marketing, finance, and payroll systems to reveal meaningful insights about a business. With more than 6,000 active customers, and more than 100 million data points in active analysis, Transitiv’s mission is to improve the performance of network businesses by extracting the actionable insights buried in their data.

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