ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, January 11, 2022 / — Bahman Akhavan, a promising author, has launched the first volume of his anthology called ‘Persian Wars’. The book is now available on Amazon and other major book retailers worldwide.

He was inspired to write stories that highlight the overcoming of prejudice as the center of the characters’ growth. He hopes that the audience is inspired by his writing. The engaging stories and thoughtful characterization will spur their emotions and make people read the book with more enthusiasm and understanding.

Deeply rooted in Persian literature, history, and tradition, the book consists of four separate and unrelated stories that explain the lives of different Iranian individuals and families from different backgrounds and settings, struggling with their conflicts and challenges. Establishing a connection with history, culture, and the modern era, the stories expound on the Persian families’ hardships while seeking refuge in their homeland and foreign places. Even the families who made efforts to leave their homeland suffered cultural shock and identity crisis.

The book talks about the Baha’i community, their living conditions, and circumstances before and after the Islamic Revolution of 1979. Baha’i families led peaceful and prosperous life; their businesses flourished, and they had a thriving lifestyle. However, circumstances changed for Baha’i families in Iran after the revolution. The families faced hardships; they were imprisoned and faced persecution. Since the Islamic Revolution of 1979, three million Persian families have emigrated to all parts of the world to adapt, assimilate, and reinvent themselves. As a result, Persian families experienced a contrast of modern social behavior with traditional family values, realizing personal goals and ambitions within family pressures and expectations.

The stories narrate the lives of different Iranian individuals and families from different backgrounds and settings, struggling with their conflicts, challenges, crises, relationships, and identities. Rapid modernization in the face of forced religious traditionalism has severely impacted values and norms. Due to cultural imperatives, habits, and traditions, Persian families faced serious impacts of liberalism and moral ethics.

Persian Wars will inspire the readers to learn about complex cultures, such as breaking down prejudice and biases and overcoming their struggles and challenges in a foreign culture. It is a must-read book for everyone, the Persian community, other minority communities, anybody who is curious about or interested in other cultures, and anyone interested in reading stories touching the heart. The theme, characters, and plots will engross readers in relating to these characters and circumstances and learning to overcome challenges through understanding and transformation. Furthermore, the stories will greatly impact Persian families to adapt to the cataclysmic changes in their homeland and acclimate to new cultures and values abroad. The stories describe the powerful portrayal of the loss and survival of Persian families through a culture of diaspora. The readers are impelled by the author’s words as it offers a comprehensive view of Iranian culture and its influences and how to deal with complex cultures of biases and prejudices.

About the Author
Bahman Akhavan is a Persian artist and writer who has lived in the USA for over 50 years. The writer believes in eliminating the differences between cultures. The author states that to do this, we must distance ourselves from the prejudices that plague us, opening our minds to new and brave opportunities.

Bahman Akhavan
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