ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, January 6, 2022 / — With greater power comes greater evil

Studio Kamio is launching Godtail: First Cut, a new game where players take part in a futuristic story in the year 2150 where a virus ravages the city, New Rouge; it’s up to Violet to discover her new powers and fight back.

After what seems like a dull day of school and track practice, Violet overhears some conversation about some monster sightings. Afterward, her friend Hannah tells Violet to let loose and pay no attention to it – but maybe she should have. While Violet’s story continues, the mysterious military leader progresses with the virus soon infecting New Rouge.

Godtail: First Cut is being developed and published by Studio Kamio and offers players a unique perspective on a storytelling RPG game. With hours of storytelling gameplay and turn-based fighting, Violet and her friends need your help to defeat the virus and what is happening to her city. The mysterious virus infects humans changing them into what some characters call “Embraced.” Violet’s first encounter with these vicious monsters ends with her running away with her friend Hannah, but soon she will be strong enough to fight them off herself.

Studio Kamio started as a clothing company, “Kamio Clothing,” by a group of friends and teammates who met in high school and were finishing up college. They were interested in Japanese imagery, animals, and athletic streetwear. The inspiration for the theme and story came from their game Godtail. The Creative Director, Screenwriter; Jacque, and Lead Developer Earnest Williams both have an athletic background, which made it streamlined for them to create an athlete as the main character going through the internal struggles that most athletes do at the end of their careers. A degree in health sciences also allowed Jacque to land his current role as a business-to-business technology engagement consultant. He uses his knowledge and passion for storytelling to create Godtail, meanwhile Earnest’s background in game development began almost 10 years ago building Pokémon-style emulators and other games. His degree in Economics makes the studioKAMIO team a well rounded duo.

Studio Kamio has released Godtail on and will be available on Steam in February 2022 and Mobile in May 2022. An RPG-style storytelling game with turn-based fighting keeps you on the edge of your seat. Godtial: First Cut is only the beginning for Studio Kamio as they are creating more games and sequels that will be announced in the future.

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