Simran Keshwani, Owner and Founder of Tremedy Integrative Medicine in Atlanta, GA

Innovative holistic therapies that help to bring balance, wellbeing, and optimal health for everyone, regardless of age.

You can only achieve optimal health when you address the root cause of your disease. Anything other than that, you are simply putting a band
aid on the wound.”
— Simran Keshwani

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, February 11, 2023 / — Simran Keshwani, owner and founder of Tremedy Integrative Medicine in Atlanta, GA, helps listeners to discover a whole new way to pursue optimal health in the Mind / Body Connection Masterclass podcast.

Simran, a healthcare professional with years of experience and passion for wellness, saw an alarming need for disease prevention that went beyond traditional medicine’s mantra of prescription drugs for general symptom support. She realized that true healing required truly holistic care including nutritional intervention and mental healthcare. Driven by this realization, Simran has dedicated herself to changing the landscape of wellness in her community through the opening of Tremedy Integrative Medicine.

In this episode, Simran explores the power of functional medicine by nurturing mind, body, and spirit through alternative approaches that help transform her patients from the inside out. She chats about the explosion of chronic illness in the world today and how traditional medicine’s symptom-based approach will never bring complete healing. She shows the viewers how the best practices of combining elements of complementary treatments like focusing on nutrition, mental health, and preventive care along with more traditional methods will give the patient deeper and longer-lasting results. This episode is perfect for those who are ready to take charge of their health and start their journey to optimal wellness.

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