From New York to Atlanta, DJ Exeqtive is Pushing R&B Forward

Chloé Bailey talks greatest inspirations with DJ Exeqtive

Amidst COVID-19 uncertainty, this DASH radio DJ sees potential for pushing R&B forward with a compelling interview series and events on the ATL night scene

My whole thing is, I am pushing R&B forward. The classic and the new!”
— DJ Exeqtive

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, January 27, 2022 / — Atlanta – DASH Radio regular and R&B sessions DJ, DJ Exeqtive takes on a new scene in Atlanta after relocating from New York City. On the heels of his recent Chloe Bailey interview for the Exeqtive suite, which airs every Sunday at 6 pm EST/3 pm PST on TASTE Radio, DJ Exeqtive aims to shift the trap culture generation back to an R&B focus.

The Exeqtive Suite is ⅓ of his plan to tap into the creative process and highlight the art behind the music to new and existing audiences interested in R&B. The DASH Radio personality recently sat down with Grammy Award nominee Chloé Bailey to discuss her acting career, inspirations behind her music, creative process, and all of the work she has been putting into her solo career.

The “Have Mercy” songstress voices lessons she’s learned about herself going solo. “I’m a lot stronger than I think… I just have to believe in myself.” Her most notable inspirations include Beyonce, Kelis, Kanye, among other legends. She says she lets herself be a vessel when creating.

She continues, “I’ve been loving freestyling on the mic. I’ll get either a beat I made, or a beat someone gave me, and close my eyes, shut the lights off and just go take after take and see what comes out, and that’s when I just release without a filter.”

A key moment was her sharing Beyonce’s advice on becoming a solo artist. “To trust my voice… she asks me for my opinion first before she gives me hers.” She then goes into sharing her creative process behind “Have Mercy ”, citing that the song pays homage to her body. The eight-minute and twenty-five-second-long interview is a part of a newly published video series of previously recorded DASH radio interviews, where DJ Exeq gets to the bottom of some of today’s hottest R&B songs right before the Exeqtive Suite on-air R&B top 10 countdown.

“My whole thing is, I am pushing R&B forward. The classic and the new!” says DJ Exeqtive on what his goals are with the series. Moving to Atlanta at the height of the pandemic, things looked uncertain for most gig workers, but DJ Exeqtive is creating lanes for himself and his work to exist in. As one of the leading DJs in the music industry with a staple show on both mainstream and regional radio stations, where he champions new music every week on New Music Mondays, DJ Exeqtive continues to push culture forward in his new city by helping audiences discover new R&B music by hosting special events.

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