WestsideMed urgent care doctors in Atlanta help patients with numerous health conditions at a moment’s notice

Known for excellent urgent care in Atlanta, WestsideMed aims to help readers understand the fundamental differences between primary and urgent care.

Urgent care is there for patients in a non-life-threatening medical situation. Patients need to make an appointment with primary care providers”
— Ariel Esteves

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, November 8, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Led by Atlanta family nurse practitioner and founder Ariel Esteves, ENP, FNP-BC, WestsideMed tackles numerous health conditions, assisting patients with proper medical solutions.

As such, the Atlanta urgent care aims to help educate patients on the key differences between primary care vs. urgent care.

What Is Urgent Care?

Urgent care is a service that aims to help patients treat non-life-threatening injuries as they arise. From sports injuries to bad coughs, urgent care clinics in Atlanta allow for a quick alternative to hospital or primary care provider visits.

“Urgent care is there for patients in a non-life-threatening medical situation. Patients need to make an appointment with primary care providers,” says Ariel Esteves.

“Patients can’t wait days or weeks to see a doctor in an emergency. However, with urgent care, they can walk into a clinic and treat their condition at a moment’s notice.”

Urgent care clinics have been an invaluable staple in healthcare worldwide, allowing patients to address issues that can’t wait. These clinics offer an enticing alternative to clogging up emergency rooms, preventing people with life-threatening injuries or conditions from receiving attention from doctors.

Instead, with urgent care, patients can get their annual physicals, EKG readings, lesion excisions, urinalysis, and other medical tests.

Citing a study from researchers around the country, WestsideMed observes:

“According to a 2021 study of urgent cares by ZIP codes in various states, researchers Lindsay Allen, Janet R Cummings, and Jason M Hockenberry concluded:

“During the hours they are open, urgent care centers appear to be treating patients who otherwise would have visited the [emergency room]. This suggests that urgent care centers have the potential to reduce health care expenditures…”

In short, urgent cares help patients save time and money and experience comprehensive medical care when they need it most. Plus, they can be the first step in diagnosing and treating severe health conditions.”

But when should a prospective patient consider the Atlanta urgent care clinic over the emergency room at their local hospital?

According to WestsideMed, treating conditions like strep throat, ankle sprains, bug bites, asthma, urinary tract infections, and mono are what urgent cares treat best.

What Is Primary Care?

Unlike walk-in urgent care clinics, primary care involves a primary care provider (PCP) who knows a patient’s medical history and helps patients overcome long-term illnesses and conditions through knowledge of that particular patient’s background.

Patients usually receive continual care from their primary care providers, visiting them to receive checkups, vaccinations, and referrals to specialists if needed.

Esteves explains: “…building a strong relationship with a primary care provider helps achieve healthy, long-term goals. For example, primary care providers can help patients with chronic condition management.”

However, WestsideMed also provides many primary care services without the wait times. If a patient needs care, there is no need to wait to book an appointment with a PCP, where patients must wait days or weeks to see their doctor.

“Patients likely see a PCP over several years, with the provider acting as an important medical resource. Primary care providers help take the info gleaned by urgent care specialists and help personalize a patient’s healthcare experience.”

Typical primary care services include lab services, blood tests, chronic condition management, and prescription services.

Taking Care Of Health Issues With WestsideMed
Dedicated to helping patients achieve health goals at a moment’s notice, the medical professionals at WestsideMed work alongside patients to educate, diagnose, and treat countless conditions.

While urgent care is this Atlanta urgent care clinic’s bread and butter, the medical providers behind the scenes can treat nearly any non-life-threatening medical issue. Whether it’s a quick x-ray reading from a quick strep throat test, WestsideMed has the patient’s health in mind.

Likewise, medical professionals at WestsideMed are very familiar with COVID-19 testing in Atlanta.

Ariel Esteves explains how WestsideMed tackles the pandemic:

“If individuals develop a fever, sore throat, or shortness of breath, and the symptoms persist for more than a day or two, get tested for COVID-19. At WestsideMed, the team offers COVID-19 testing on-site. Following a diagnosis, they can make recommendations for treatment to help people feel better.”

Along with comprehensive testing, the Atlanta urgent care provides COVID-19 vaccines and updated boosters, specifically the newer bivalent booster.

In the end, WestsideMed isn’t only a strong choice for patients to address emergencies and receive in-depth, compassionate medical care for day-to-day medical issues affecting patients and their families.

More About WestsideMed
Located in Atlanta, Georgia, WestsideMed is a local’s friendly neighborhood urgent care provider.

WestsideMed’s priority is to treat patients with compassion and respect. Medical providers ensure patients receive care that aids in the progress toward their desired outcomes. The team takes a multidisciplinary approach to providing quality patient care that is medically appropriate and cost-effective.

The WestsideMed team welcomes patients and looks forward to meeting them. To schedule an appointment at WestsideMed, call the office or book a consultation online today.

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