ATLANTA, USA, September 29, 2022 / — If you want to leave a meaningful message for your family, friends, kids, or any special person in your life. Then this website is for you. Ever After Memoir is a time-stopping messaging service. It provides people an easy way to leave a considerate and well-thought-out message behind for a loved one. The message can be replayed often as needed.

Ever After Memoir is the new business company by Kyle Goerge. He is officially launching this business company in November 2022. Ever After Memoir is a unique messaging service. Through this amazing website, you can tell your loved ones how much they impact your life or how much you love them. You can leave a meaningful message behind. Was there any moment in your life when you wanted to tell something to your loved one but didn’t get a chance? Ever After Memoir has got you with their beautiful saying:

“Say it all”~ said the founder of Ever After. Memoir

Ever After Memoir helps many people by having peace of mind knowing that after they’re gone, their memory will live on. This is the last true act of kindness you can do for a loved one. At Ever After Memoir they are dedicated to helping people out from the pain of losing a loved one with their loved one’s messages.

Imagine how amazing it will be to leave a meaningful message for someone behind you. At Ever After Memoir your thoughts can be recorded and saved in the form of a letter. You can even leave a pre-recorded video. The most outstanding feature is that these messages and videos are completely secure and no one has access to them until you pass away. You will have unlimited access to messaging or videos your trustee won’t need to submit a death certificate again and again to read the messages.

“Memories last forever”~ said the Founder of Ever After Memoir

Leaving life insurance is an important thing but it will not help your loved ones with the grieving process. Let your beloved people know that you passed away loving them. Let them know this with your pre-recorded message. Your grandchildren can also remember you through your message they can even meet you through your pre-recorded videos.

About Ever After Memoir

This company was born out of necessity, the founder wanted his daughter to know how much he loves her in case anything ever happens to him. Life is full of unexpected events. The founder lost his dad when he was 26 and he always tries to keep his memory alive by asking others. So, he wanted his daughter to remember him from his own words.

Ever After Memoir helps people on their grief journey. With Ever After Memoir leaving a message for your loved one is easy. You will experience peace of mind knowing that your loved ones will always have a little piece of you. Wherever they will go your messages will help them to keep moving forward. Although nothing is quite like being near to the ones we love. But we all never know when it’s our time.

Leave every thought you wish to express pre-written or recorded. Check out Kyle George’s Ever After Memoir website to leave a message behind for your loved one. Their website is already flooded with positive feedback and 5-star experiences.

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