ATLANTA , GA, USA, December 20, 2022 / — Music is inherently healing as it touches the soul and uplifts the spirits. Are you the one who’s constantly searching for good music? Don’t worry any more because J.Hustle is here to solve all your problems. He has recently launched a fantastic new single named “Bag right” Featuring Bloodraw This mind-blowing single is now streaming on Spotify and apple music performing well since day one of its releases. Hustle’s song is full of passion and enthusiasm. Every verse of his takes you somewhere different with his creative word play. He is becoming famously known as a lyrical powerhouse out of milwaukee. Amazingly J.Hustle has shattered the noise with his most recent string of releases, and Bag right is one of them.

J.Hustle is a good example of an artist who has the talent and drive to succeed in the music industry. His passion for music is evident in his commitment to originality and his willingness to take risks with his art. All of these qualities are important if a musician wants to be successful in this business. Over the years he has been creating a buzz in the Hiphop community for his unique style and content. His songs are loved by people all over the world, especially his home base of Milwaukee Wisconsin. J.Hustle is a prime example of the new school MC. With a poetic delivery, real world street knowledge and an ear for melody, he crafts songs that resonate with listeners who are looking for more substance in their rap music. His videos reflect his growth as an artist and show why he is one to watch!.

About J-Hustle

J.Hustle is a Milwaukee-based artist who has been doing his thing over the past year. They say good things come to those who wait, but for him it’s a lot more than that. He is getting his music out there by taking a chance on the underground music scene.

J.Hustle recordings have been described as “Uncanny, Unique and Emotional”. If you’re new to his sounds, let me just tell you that the music takes you on a journey through fascinating soundscapes. You feel like you’ve actually been transported somewhere else. It’s not something that can be described in words. You’ll need to listen for yourself.” Make sure to follow him on Instagram; He’s looking forward to welcoming you into his army.

Bag Right
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