Kitchen hacks from culinary artist Howard B. Gowen are sure to help you streamline your kitchen

Howard B. Gowen Discussed His Top Kitchen Hacks

ATHENS, GEORGIA, USA, October 25, 2021 / — Whether you’re an amateur chef or you just want to learn how to make cooking easier, these kitchen hacks from culinary artist Howard B. Gowen are sure to help you streamline your kitchen!

Mise En Place – Learn It, Know It, Love It
This is one of Howard B. Gowen’s most trusty and beloved kitchen hacks. Mise en place literally translates from French to “everything in its place”. In practice, mise en place is used by professional chefs and bakers to ensure that cooking is a streamlined process and not a frenzied race to beat the timer. 

Read through your recipe (the whole thing!) and then prep all of your ingredients before you start cooking. Wash and slice all vegetables, bring ingredients to room temperature as necessary, measure out all dry and liquid ingredients, etc. When you’re finished, your counter should look like a Food Network cooking show–lots of little bowls full of ingredients just ready and waiting to be used. 

This method ensures that all of your measurements are correct, no ingredients get left out, and you’re not rushing to chop a carrot when you should be whisking your roux! Just make sure that ingredients that look similar (salt and sugar, beef broth and beer, dried basil and dried oregano, etc.) are laid out in the order they should be added to the recipe. Otherwise, you might add the wrong ingredient at the wrong time, warns Howard B. Gowen.

Utilize Your Freezer Urges Howard B. Gowen
Your freezer is probably an overlooked powerhouse in your kitchen. But you can use your freezer to improve meal prep and infuse the flavors of any season all year round, says Howard B. Gowen

Do you crave fresh pesto in the dead of winter? Just chop up the fresh basil from your summer herb garden and pack it into ice cube trays. Cover with olive oil, freeze, and voila! You can pop out a serving of garden-fresh basil to start the pan. This can also be done with most herbs–tarragon, thyme, rosemary–for an extra punch of flavor even when it’s out of season. 

Do you love the idea of meal prep but you’re new to the kitchen and feeling intimidated? Soup is the perfect starter course. You can make large batches of just about any soup, divide them into individual serving Tupperware, and freeze to be reheated at your discretion! For a more advanced version of freezer meal prep, try making a lasagna or casserole, cutting it into servings when cool, and popping them into the freezer! Stick them in the oven at 350 for about 20 minutes and you’ll have a hot meal ready and waiting.

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