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EtherArts is now expanding its horizons by launching the new ship and shoot product photography plan. You ship products and we shoot them.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, December 2, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — EtherArts Product Photography and Graphics is now expanding its product photography service nationwide. With a strong presence in Atlanta, GA, USA, and an urge to cater to small businesses nationwide, EtherArts Photography has launched a ship and shoot program. This will help small business owners in the United States to afford low cost and high quality product photography with less budget constraints.

Ship And Shoot Program- Launched 1st December 2021.

Serving more than a 350 store owners in Atlanta, GA, EtherArts also has 600+ Amazon store owners for whom it creates Amazon product listings and A+ listing photography. This has allowed a tremendous amount of experience shooting various product that are sold on Ecommerce platforms, Shopify, Amazon and Overstock. The photography gear and the post editing skills are state of the art technology based with attention to minute details. Having this experience and 120 five star Google ratings, it is now time to expand our photography skills to other states. Our ship and shoot program facilitates this process.

The concept behind this launch is very simple. Customers nationwide can fill up our contact form on the city-state wide page of our website and send their product photography details to us. We respond to them with a quote within 24 hours. Our Amazon photography Atlanta quotes are among the lowest in this industry. Once the quote is approved, the client can ship the products to our Atlanta or Tampa location along with a return shipping label. We will get the pictures ready within 4 days and showcase them to the client. After they are approved, we process the payment and release the images. The products are return shipped the same week. This helps with a quick turnaround time and a hassle free shipping without any loss of product.

The photography pricing is affordable and the process is smooth.

When questioned about the ship and shoot launch, the founder and Atlanta product photographer, Aarti commented that the overall project quote offered to out of state clients is much lower than any shipping cost that the client would incur anywhere in the US. The concept is that of low cost photography without compromising the quality of the images. Also because EtherArts Photography is Amazon approved vendor in Ga, they are aware of all the image requirements of Amazon and follow them to the T. This has allowed a quick and hassle free image uploads to the seller central account.

About the Company

EtherArts Product Photography & Graphics is an Atlanta based product photography company . It is Amazon approved vendor in GA. EtherArts offer products listings for Amazon, white background product photography, jewelry photography, ghost mannequin photography and product infographics. Since its inception in May 2009, it has become a popular and highly recommended business in product photography Atlanta.

Aarti Rane
EtherArts Product Photography & Graphics
+1 770-690-9389


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