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World organizations, foundations, and political parties designed to help humanity are no closer to solving global problems. The solution is a Creative Society!

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ATLANTA, GA, USA, October 28, 2022 / — The biggest historic event “Global Crisis. Our Survival Is In Unity.” will take place on November 12, 2022. It is a public International Online Forum with simultaneous interpretation into 150 languages. Forum link:

What Makes This Event Unique?

Without exaggeration, this is the largest event in the world! The first and only event with simultaneous interpretation into 150 languages. It is organized thanks to the unification of volunteers from 180 countries on the independent platform of the Creative Society Project.

It will be broadcast live on YouTube, social media platforms, TV, and radio stations around the world! What is impossible for the world’s largest organizations to do — we make it a reality. This is the 8th global Forum initiated and implemented by volunteers.

Climate Crisis
—> Unknown factors of climate disasters
—> The true causes of the record increase in the number of natural disasters
—> Analytical forecast of global events in the near future
—> Fighting CO2: myth or reality? How do they profit off of CO2 and why is electricity becoming more expensive?
—> Practical solutions to the climate crisis

Social Challenges
—> Escalation of violence in society
—> Why are the problems of refugees, modern slavery, human trafficking, organ trafficking, and drug trafficking not being addressed?
—> Ways to solve the global health crisis. Providing everyone with free, high-quality healthcare
—> The reasons for the degradation of the education system. What will fix the situation?
—> How is public consciousness being manipulated? Mechanisms of protection

Economic Perspectives
—> The world economic crisis. How will it affect you personally?
—> Artificial energy crisis
—> When will there be world hunger?
—> Limitation of wealth: why is it necessary?
—> How to build an economy that benefits everyone?

Geopolitical Crisis
—> Expansion of military aggression
—> Why is the idea of reducing the planet’s population being promoted?
—> The practical solution to all crises: the transition from a consumer format to the creative society
—> How can the unification of humankind help solve global problems?

For the first time, you will learn about the causes, consequences, and solutions to the major problems of our time.
—> Prospects of development for each of us possible here and now
—> The economy for noneconomists: forecasts for business, innovations, and the labor market
—> In simple words modern technology can significantly improve healthcare, education, and science, as well as make them accessible to everyone
—> Systems that can eradicate corruption, and crime, and save from natural disasters
—> You will discover where the untapped resources are that will be able to provide water to everyone who suffers from drought, feed every person who goes hungry, and restores the ecology of the planet
—> You will get to the bottom of the basic principles and mechanisms of the new format of society with the help of both macroeconomic and everyday examples
—> Uncertainty and instability: is this what you strive for? Experts from different fields will offer solutions based on technology and resources already available to humanity

Take a chance to change your life and the future of your children! It’s up to you to decide because the responsibility lies with every ONE of us.

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