According to Dr. Omar “Chenna” Reid, the verdict is a win for all men who are struggling to get full or shared custody of their children.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, January 5, 2022 / — Atlanta Rapper “Chenna” is pleased to announce he has won an intense custody battle for his beloved daughter in Maryland Case C-13-FM-20-000977.

Dr. Omar “Chenna” Reid is a Jamaican-born talented songwriter, actor, model, and entrepreneur. The renowned rapper is heavily influenced in both music and fashion by reggae and hip-hop, having grown up listening to the historical icons of these genres. Chenna’s music breaks the mold, goes outside of the lines, and eliminates barriers, all while maintaining a sound that is relevant, current, and reminiscent of the masters of the genre.

In his most recent news, Dr. Reid is thrilled to announce he has won a critical custody battle for his daughter. According to Dr. Reid, he spent many unsuccessful years trying to see his daughter and, as a result, missed out on many important stages in her young life. By the time he was finally able to see her, she was already walking and talking. It was then that Dr. Reid knew he need to fight for the rights of not only himself, but of his daughter, too. As such, Dr. Reid battled in state after state and court after court until the Maryland Howard County Family Court recognized how much he truly cared for his daughter.

“Unfortunately for many men, courts often feel that mothers will always have the best interest of a couple’s child, when this isn’t always the case,” says Dr. Reid. “Statistically speaking, only about 20% of fathers are granted custody, with another 25% having visitation rights removed altogether. This is alarming data that can have a devastating impact on the determination of men to pursue their rights in the legal system. I hope that by publicizing my own experience, men will realize that custody battles are not always impossible to win.”

“Even if the numbers work against you or the government entity overseeing your case puts seemingly impossible roadblocks in front of you, your child is worth fighting for,” Dr. Reid continues. “You don’t want to miss out on the most important parts of your child’s developing years. When they need to learn to take their first steps, start developing their language, start their first days in school, and other things that only come around once in their lifetime, you need to be there for all of it.”

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About Dr. Omar “Chenna” Reid

Dr. Omar “Chenna” Reid is a singer, songwriter, and rapper based in Atlanta, Georgia. Born in February 1988 in Kingston, Jamaica, Chenna has taken the music industry by storm with his signature “Feel Music” vibe – a technique he describes being in the style of hip-hop acts like XXXTentacion and Juice WRLD, just to name a few. Through his music, Chenna explores the various emotional responses to relatable solutions and often presents polarizing perspectives on the message and dynamic delivery of the song.

Dr. Omar Reid (Chenna)
singer, songwriter, and rapper
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